Fatea Awards Winners

Fatea is proud to announce the winners of the Fatea Awards. The awards are nominated by the Fatea team and recognise excellence over 2013.

The awards come with plenty of kudos and merit, but sadly no big tv show, speeches and trophies.

Each award has a of a shortlist of three and we congratulate all artists on our shortlist as well as the many others that were nominated and every singer-songwriter and band that released music or performed live during 2013.

No artist is allowed to win more than one award and all have featured in the magazine during the last year.

We also have three special awards. The Tradition Award is presented to the act that have traditional folk at the root of their sound and use it to inspire new songs, tunes and arrangements. The Innovation Award is presented for a context or concept that widens the appeal of roots based music or brings a different thought process to it. The Lifetime Achievement Award speaks for it's self

In addition to the nominated awards we are announcing the winners of our festival awards. This year instead of having a single festival award, Fatea is recognising the diversity of festivals throughout the UK and will be announcing the winners of the five categories listed below.

We are showing both the winners and the shortlisted artists with the latter in no order

Album Of The Year 2013
Fire & Fortune - Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Chase The Night - Sean Taylor
Tooth And Nail - Billy Bragg

Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2013
Chasing Tales - Jo Bywater
A Scene Of Plenty - Keston Cobbler's Club
My Own Little Piece Of Sky - Marina Florance

Track/Song Of The Year 2013
Shipping Song - Lisa Knapp
Anny Bonny - Jess Vincent
The Dark Morris Song - Steeleye Span

Debut Album Of The Year 2013
Lay Your Dark Low - Salt House
Fabian Holland - Fabian Holland
Out Of The Black - Tiki Black

Instrumental Album Of The Year 2013
Charge - Monster Ceilidh
Cartography - Threepenny Bit

Female Vocalist Of The Year 2013
Ange Hardy
Emily Barker
Lucy Ward

Male Vocalist Of The Year 2013
Reg Meuross
Chris Wood
Gavin Davenport

Band/Duo Of The Year 2013
Roving Crows
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin

Instrumentalist Of The Year 2013
Will Pound
Sam Sweeney
Tim Edey

Innovation 2013
Songs From The Shed
Folkstock Arts Foundation

Tradition 2013
The Full English
The Beautiful Old Turn Of The Century Songs - Various Artists
The New Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs

Festival Of The Year 2013 Catagories
Urban Festival: Cambridge Folk Festival
Country Festival: Purbeck Folk Festival
Indoor Festival: Musicport
Village Festival: Wath Festival
Interactive Festival: Southwell Folk Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award
June Tabor

Fatea is proud to announce that the Life Time Achievement Award this year goes to one of the outstanding female vocalists of the last forty plus years, June Tabor.

Born in Warwick at the tail of 1947, June started making appearances in local folk clubs, including The Heart Of England at the Folk & Vivian in Leamington Spa in the mid-sixties before going onto attend St Hugh's College, Oxford, representing them on University Challenge in 1968.

During this time she mainly performed solo and unaccompanied, but moved gradually towards accompanied song by the time she started making appearances on folk compilation albums in the early seventies. 1976 proved to be a pivotal year for June Tabor, touring with Maddy Prior as The Silly Sisters, with a band that included Nic Jones, it was a springboard into full albums, recording the self titled "Silly Sisters" album and her solo debut, "Airs And Graces". The letter A proving to be a feature on many of the titles of subsequent albums.

Solo albums have followed at regular intervals, introducing the world to guitarist Martin Simpson as well as recording with Savourna Stevenson and Danny Thompson on the "Singing The Storm". Following the departure of Simpson from her regular recording team, she worked closely with Huw Warren and moved more towards piano accompanied songs.

Collaborations have been a feature of June Tabor's career, with recordings with, amongst others, Fairport Convention, The Mrs Ackroyd Band and most famously The Oysterband, with whom she has recorded two highly successful albums, "Freedom And Rain", which was considered to be one of the most important folk/folk rock albums of the 20th century and "Ragged Kingdom" some 21 years later which contributed towards her being named Folk Singer Of The Year 2012, having previously won that award in 2004.

During her performing June has always remained true to her music, even when it wasn't fashionable and has proven to be a stalwart defender of English folk music. Fatea recognises that amongst all her achievements.

Thank You

2013 was an exceptional and busy year. Between them, and by someway, the Fatea team reviewed more albums, gigs and festivals than we have ever done before and we still struggled to keep up in what was an exceptional year for music.

We maintained our support for Acoustic Spectrum, providing shows and content generally, getting artists heard is a priority with mainsteam nedia still ignoring the growth in acoustic music. www.acousticspectrum.co.uk/as-radio has enjoyed increased audiences across the UK, Canada and Scandinavia particularly.

Similarly this has been the most successful year ever for the Fatea Showcase Sessions, our virtual coverdisk. More of you than ever have downloaded the sessions and thanks to the great support that we've had from local and internet radio and you mentioning the sessions on Twitter and Facebook the featured bands are reaching more people than ever before.

Fatea Magazine is about getting artists heard, giving them a voice so you can become aware of them and listen to their music. Without those acts and your giving them a chance, the world would be a highly boring place. The Fatea team would like to thank both acts and music fans for your contribution to the music scene and giving us a reason to exist.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed to Fatea during our busiest year ever. Without your help and support we couldn't have featured anything like the number of acts that we have and Fatea wouldn't be what it is and continues to be.

We've got some exciting plans for 2014 and will bring you news of them during the year. In the meantime here's to a great twelve months past and to those still to come. If you would like to be involved in the Fatea story as a writer, reviewer or photographer please get in touch.

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