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One of the regular requests we have had through our Cambridge Folk Festival Website is to ask us what we can do for musicians and folk fans for the rest of the year. Well here we are, you asked for it and we delivered. Now we need to work together to make it a success.

FATEA will encompass all aspects of folk and acoustic music genres through it's various sections.

FATEA runs the Fatea Showcase Sessions the virtual equivilent to a cover mounted cd. Featuring fifteen top acts per session. These free downloads are only available for three months.


An opportunity to let people know what's going on. Are you going into the studio? Have you just had a change of membership? Have you just opened a new venue or club?


If you make the effort to submit material to us for review, we'll do our best to do just that. Cassettes, cds, books, even DVD. The review will always provide links back to the originators website as well as price and availability details where supplied


This section is specifically to provide news on new releases in whatever format. Just let us know the details, cost and contact etc. and up to fifty words on your release.


If you've got a tour planned and want people to know about it, send us the details. This section will feature dates by band and by month. We'll be featuring up to three months ahead so make sure you get those details to us early.


We don't want to miss out on this vital part of the folk scene. What we need to know is where, when, cost, general contact and booker. You also get up to fifty words to tell people about yourself. We've also compiled a list of radio shows covering the acoustic spectrum.


Are you an agent, photographer, designer, studio manager, PR Office? Do you offer the sort of services that musicians might need. In these days of do it yourself labels do you provide the assistance in the areas where expertese is required?

Fatea Showcase Session

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are free downloads of artists that have impressed the Fatea team. Each Session is a high quality download 256kbs and available for three months after which they are never available again.

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If there's any suggestions for improving the site. Offers of help or just need the address to send us that review copy

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