Releases - May



Amanda Pearcy

Royal Street

Ange Hardy

The Lament Of The Black Sheep

Anna Lynch

Anna Lynch

Barry Ollman

What'll It Be

Ben Rogers

Lost Stories:Volume 1

Benita Johnson


Billy J. Kramer

4 Album on 2CD Retrospective

Bob Copper

Prostrate With Dismal



Bright Season

Bright Season

Broken Boats

Small Defeats

Broken Chords

Get Some

Bruce Robinson & Kelly Willis

Our Year

Buford Pope

Sticks In The Throat

Carrie Clark And The Lonesome Lovers

Between The Bed Sheets & Turpentine

Chris Bevington And Friends

Chris Bevington And Friends


Chasing Life

Curtis Eller's American Circus

How To Make It In Hollywood

Dan Amor

Rainhill Trials

David Newberry

Desire Lines

Debbie Bond And The Trudats

That Thing Called Love


The Trad Sessions

Driving Mrs Satan


Eryn Shewell

Eryn Shewell

Esther Rose Parkes

The Other Country

Fagervall Bjorkenvall

The Silence

Fifteen Days

The Oldest Lie

Fredrik Kimbom




Hanneke Cassel

Dot The Dragon's Eyes

Heather Stewart

What It Is

Herman's Hermits

4 Album on 2CD Retrospective


Can You Hear Me?

Huck & The Xander Band

Alexander The Great EP

Ian Siegal

Man & Guitar

John Cee Stannard

Doob Doo Be Doo Wah

John Coletta

Sleekit Slivers

John Fullbright


Jonny Two Bags

Salvation Town

Joseph Huber

The Hanging Road

Kat Danser

Baptised By The Mud

Kate In The Kettle

Swimmings EP

Kris Delmhorst

Blood Test

Leading Edge

A Story To Tell

Lee Palmer

60 Clicks

Leon Of Athens


Lizzie J Taylor

Living In The Lowlands

Louise Petit

Louder Than Your Drums

Luke Tuchscherer

You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense

Mark Ripp

Quiet Again

Martyna Wren

The World Can Wait

Maz O'Connor

The Willowed Light

Mike Kershaw

Ice Age

Mishaped Pearls


Nick Tann


Nick Wyke And Becki Driscoll

A Handful Of Sky

Old Lost John

Lost In Swansea

One Of The Boys

Pinned Up

Otis Gibbs

Souveniers Of A Misspent Youth

Paul Liddle

Giant Steps



Rainbow Chaser

Chimes At Midnight

Rainbow Reservoir

400 Imperfect Rhymes

Rattle On The Stovepipe

Old Virginia

Richard Durrant

Cycling Music

Richard Haswell

Fleet To Medlock

Risa Hall

New York Nights

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra

Talk About The Weather

Robinson Treacher


Royal Southern Brotherhood


Rupert Wates

The Rank Outsiders Ball

Ruth Keggin



Live With Special Guests

Sarah Proudfoot

Let It Slide

Sound Of The Sirens

Under The Stars

Steve Dawson

Rattlesnake Cage

Steve Mednick

Never Mind The Rain

T Sisters

Kindred Lines



The Barn Door Slammers

The Barn Door Slammers

The Celia Bryce Band


The Greenbeans

The Greenbeans

The Howlin' Brothers


The Mae Trio

House Warming

The Silence

The Wilderness



True North

True North

Tudor Lodge



Riset Bak Speilet

Various Artists

The F Spot

Victor Camozzi

Cactus & Roses

West Of Eden

Songs From Twisting River

Whiskey Moonface

One Blinding Dusky Dusk

Will Stratton

Gray Lodge Wisdom

Zoe Muth

World Of Strangers

The Score

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Whilst we try our best to review everything that comes through the Fatea Office, it's proving to be more and more difficult so we've changed how the release page works.

Everything that comes through the office will be listed here in the month that we receive it. We'll update the page on a weekly basis and provide a link back to the artist page. We'll review as many releases as we can, but just because we haven't reviewed a release, please don't take that as sign that it's any less worthy than the ones we do, unfortunately time is the big enemy.

We'll also do our best to sort out some airplay for your release, but that might just mean the track going into rotation, rather than being a featured track on any of the shows.

If you are sending material through for review, it helps if we can have it about three weeks before the release date, with a press release that includes date of release, contact and website details and the preferred tracks for airplay. Don't worry if you can't get the release to us three weeks before it's out, there's a good chance we'll feature it, just can't guarantee it'll be before the album is due out. (If you can provide a link to the video you'd like on your review page, that would be useful)

Where possible the review copy should be a physical release and whilst we do occasionally review soft copy, we do not review streams or any format that requires an internet connection in order to listen.

We are also keen to find additional reviewers to help us cope better with the sheer volume of releases that come through the office, so if you're up for it, please get in touch.

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