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The King Heat Ensemble The King Heat Ensemble
Album: Songs
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5
.There isn’t a lot of information to be found on The King Heat Ensemble or their simply named EP, Songs. Jeff Kightly also performs as part of One Mile An Hour, whose eponymous debut made a big splash back in 2012. And that about covers what could be found. Surely that will change, because Songs is an EP that will surely make just as a big a splash. This is a wonderfully crafted collection, which you won’t want to end.

Of the five songs that make up the EP, there is not a weak track to be found. While The Snow Falls is full of atmosphere, and is the perfect introduction to Kightly’s vocals. Give Or Take is the highlight of the record; the sort of upbeat joyful track that have graced many an indie movie, a song that you could listen to all day and not get bored of it. Landscape and Triumph are both low tempo beauties with gorgeous melodies. Ten Years closes out the EP in a relaxed fashion with a whiskey soaked slice of Americana, ending on such a high you’ll likely find yourself giving it an immediate second listen.

Songs is one of the truly outstanding EPs of the year, and it’s no wonder they are gaining attention and airplay from the likes of Tom Robinson. This may just be one of the hidden gems of 2018, and it’s well worth uncovering and having a listen.

Adam Jenkins