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Eddie 9v Eddie 9v
Album: Left My Soul In Memphis
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

There's not many albums that I listen to on repeat but this debut blast from a young American bluesman has most certainly grabbed my attention.

Eddie 9V - Eddie 9 volt - is a 23-year-old musician from the Southern USA who obviously loves Freddie King, not to mention the other veritable Kings - Albert and BB.

But this is no slavish homage to the blues - this is high octane contemporary blues.

What is impressive is Eddie plays all the instruments on this album apart from keyboards in creating such a wonderfully raw and vibrant recording.

In these days of slick production and computer-aided gizmos it is a blast of fresh air to hear the blues as they were intended, unfettered and free.

Eddie says:"There were no pedals, no autotune. The way I think a blues record should sound. There's mistakes, there's feedback, but I damn sure not gonna change it. Too many blues records sound to polished nowadays. This is my heart and soul."

His hard work in trying to recreate that 50 and 60s vibe has paid off.

The opening track, Look Over Yonder Wall, is packed full of Freddie King licks and is a real treat. The vocals sound as if they were sung through a mesh net. The vibe is electric and the fell is down and dirty. Great.

The title track is more funky with more vocals given the mesh treatment and sublime guitar.

Bottle and the Blues has a great Chicago blues feel to it, imagine T-Bone Walker, and you get the idea. A slower track with tinkling keyboards.

Woke Up Sweatin' is an enjoyable riff-based romp with another stellar guitar break.

Lo-fi Love kind of sums up the overall feel of this superb debut, a slow burner with twinkling guitar throughout and a killer solo to bring it home. Ghosts has the laid-back acoustic feel of something recorded in the Forties or Fifties. A real joy.

This is a cracking debut. If you love electric blues played from the heart then is a must listen. An amazing effort. Rock on Eddie!

John Knighton