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Dandelion Charm Dandelion Charm
Album: Riding The Flood EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

After releasing their highly regarded debut album in 2015, Tiny Drop, Newhaven based duo Dandelion Charm have followed up with an EP destined to be just as well received. Combining prog, folk and rock influences, they expertly weave them together in a sound that has just a hint of the late 60s and early 70s about it. It's a sound that comes not just from John and Clare Fowler, but from 'Olah' too - a custom built jumbo twelve-string guitar.

Riding The Flood is full of meaty drama, covering aspects of real life; fear and self-doubt, optimism and determination, family, relationships and addiction. It starts in strong fashion with September, with all the conflicting emotions that month brings, covering the transition from Summer to Autumn. There is some beautiful harmonising on display and they pick their moments to send the melody soaring.

The title track comes from a poem their daughter had written about her train journeys to London one week, and features some great use of percussion. The Spark is about addiction, and has suitably mournful vocals that build up to a superb climax that is gloriously defiant. The Great Believer is a downbeat tale of loneliness and disappointment with just a little allusion to hope and release. Wraith is an epic track with which to end the record, written from the perspective of a carer witnessing the fallout of child abuse. Clearly this doesn't sound like the most joyful of songs, but it's performed with great delicacy, balancing a light touch with moments of thundering emotion.

This is an EP that begs to be listened to, and not used as disposable background music. Lyrically very strong, the duo blends together high emotion with lavish melodies that are full of delicacy and power, and they aren't afraid to let the songs breathe. Once again Dandelion Charm have marked themselves out as exciting talents.

Adam Jenkins