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Dave InsleyDave Insley
Album: Just The Way I Am
Label: DIR
Tracks: 6

Insley has made a record that is refreshingly old fashioned, a blessed relief from the plague of 'bro' country sweeping the genre, it's a real return to the 70's feel of relaxed, simply good song writing and playing. Slow, unfussy, the uncomplicated thoughtfulness of Insley makes this a beauty. He creates a calmness filter for the white noise of the everyday, and a grower of a record.

Decent songs, shuffling drums, weepy fiddle, sorrow filled blues harp - all with a deftness and subtle touch. Fans of Tom Russell, in his big hat days, Willie Nelson and Dennis Locorriere will devour this record. There is some delicious guitar and 'Call me if you change your mind' is the stand out, there won't be a day that you can't listen to this and the world won't feel better after.

It came with no PR blurb, just the honest integrity that means the record stands on its own two feet, the attitude of "here's some songs - hope you like them". Old time waltz's, fiddle driven and the blend of Insley with Kelly Willis' voice is stunning, they are made for each other, sent straight from heaven.

It's packaged really smartly, it feels substantial, a proper album, and if there is a vinyl version it will be terrific. Country music fans, of all flavours will love the record, it has something for everyone; soul, blues, mariachi, Insley can turn his hand to all, all infused with some Texas country.

The joy of this record lies in its simplicity, from time served, it takes the songbook of American roots country of the last 50 years and makes a record based on all of it - including a great Christmas record! Duets with Dale Watson and the line "my wife and my girlfriend met at my funeral" only go to reinforce that this is a proper country record - Amen to that.

Rudie Humphrey