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Angel ForrestAngel Forrest
Album: Angel's 11
Label: Ad Litteram
Tracks: 11

Gruff, unplanned and full of splinters, it's a raucous, busty, bluesy sexy stomper of a record, an album bursting with guitar and her oh so fine voice, she'll leave you shouting "yeah baby". I should be honest and say that it is not sophisticated, a beer sloshed record, gloriously, but also it's a concept record - but don't let that turn you off. The 11 'angels' (with pretty grubby faces I'll wager) are the lead guitar players as Forrest pits her voice (a seriously substantial weapon) against a raft of axe mongers.

An album of good times blues and roll; keys are hot, horns are sassy and guitars are smoking, truly smoking, white hot. For all the virtuosi on display, it's her voice that sucks you in, roughs you up - like a risky one night stand that you end up married to in a Vegas Elvis chapel - it spells trouble - but you just can't help yourself.

The idea of unleashing such a rash of good players is terrific, and this is an album to be washed down with bourbon chaser; Johnny Flash, Rob MacDonald, Steve Strongman, Ricky Paquette, Corey Diabo etc etc. all boil up a stew that is highly addictive.

Forrest sings, "you'd better hold on tight - I'm gonna make you mine!" - no doubt, she's a blues belter and you're powerless to resist.

Rudie Humphrey