Fatea Awards Winners & Shortlists

Fatea is proud to announce the winners of the Fatea Awards. The awards are nominated by the Fatea team and recognise excellence over 2012.

The awards come with plenty of kudos and merit, but sadly no big tv show, speeches and trophies. This year though they did come with their own awards show, which was be broadcast on www.acoustic-spectrum/as-radio starting at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd of January.

Each award of a shortlist of three and we congratulate all the winners and artists on our shortlist as well as the many others that were nominated and every singer-songwriter and band that released music or performed live during 2012.

No artist is allowed to win more than one award and all have featured in the magazine during the last year.

We also have three special awards. The Tradition Award is presented to the act that have traditional folk at the root of their sound and use it to inspire new songs, tunes and arrangements. The Innovation Award is presented for a context or concept that widens the appeal of roots based music or brings a different thought process to it. The Lifetime Achievement Award speaks for it's self

In addition to the nominated awards we will be announcing the winners of our festival awards. This year instead of having a single festival award, Fatea is recognising the diversity of festivals throughout the UK and will be announcing the winners of the five categories listed below.

Album Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Penilee Songs - EmmaJane
Contraband - Kirsty McGee
The Last Bird To Sing - Ewan McLennan

Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Gentleman Jack - O'Hooley & Tidow
The Motherlode EP - The Staves
You're In My Heart - Wooden Horse

Track/Song Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Dr James - Gilmore & Roberts
Coal Not Dole - Sean Taylor
Frank Dalton - Dan Webster

Debut Album Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
More Than Boys - Luke Jackson
Upon A Stranger Shore - Maz O'Connor
Sweep - Maz Totterdell

Instrumental Album Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Picnic - The Hut People
Homecoming - Haddo
Wooden Flute and Fiddle - Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl

Female Vocalist Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Josienne Clarke
Karine Polwart
Martha Tilston

Male Vocalist Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Alistair Ogilvy
Jim Moray
Sam Lee

Band/Duo Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party
Albion Band

Instrumentalist Of The Year 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Sam Sweeney
Garron Frith
Becky Tate

Innovation 2012 Winner & Shortlist
Keston Cobblers' Club
Sproatly Smith

Tradition 2012 Winner & Shortlist
The Unthanks
Owl Service

Festival Of The Year 2012 Winners
Urban Festival:Cambridge Folk Festival
Countryside Festival:Purbeck Folk Festival
Indoor Festival:Great British Folk Festival
Village Festival:Shepley Folk Festival
Interactive Festival:Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dave Swarbrick

Fatea is proud to award it's Lifetime Achievement award to one of the outstanding musicians folk music has produced, Dave Swarbrick

Born in New Malden on the 5th of April 1941, Dave Swarbrick, affectionately known as Swarbs to his legion on fans, was described by Ashley Hutchings as the most influential British Fiddle player bar none.

In over 50 years of performing and recording, initially in Beryl Marriot's Ceilidh Band and most recently on the Red Shoes album, "All The Good Friends" Swarbs has performed on literally hundreds of albums and back in 1999 was one of the few living people ever to read their own obituary in the Daily Telegraph, when that paper prematurely assigned him to the celestial folk band.

The 1960s and 1970s were fertile times for Dave Swarbrick, he performed on what are considered to be two of the most influential albums of the genre, "Byker Hill" which he recorded with former Fatea Life Time Achievement award winner, Martin Carthy and "Liege & Leif" from a band that he would play a major part in setting the direction of, Fairport Convention. During this time it was rare for Swarbs to be photographed without a cigarette in his hand, on or off stage, something that would later comeback and haunt him.

By Dave Swarbricks standards the1980s and 1990s were fallow, more attuned to critical success than commercial. He chose not to be a part of the Fairport reunion of the early 80s, instead putting together a new Quartet, Whippersnapper, with whome he recorded four albums. Disillusioned with what was going on in England, he briefly relocated to Australia where he recorded a number of albums with local musicians, but health issues, hearing loss and emphysema were beginning to take their toll.

2003 saw Dave Swarbrick being presented with a Gold Badge from the English Folk Dance And Song Society and this was followed in 2004 with a BBC Radio 2 Lifetime Achievement Award. 2004 was also the year he received a double lung transplant.

Within a couple of years he was performing regularly with former musical partner Martin Carthy, had formed the appropriately named Swarb's Lazarus with Maartin Allcock and Kevin Dempsey. Whippersnapper briefly reformed for a tour . In addition he recorded with another former Fairport Convention colleague Simon Nicol, appearing several times at the band's spiritual road of Cropredy. More importantly, he recorded the highly acclaimed solo album Raison D'etre.

Dave Swarbrick has done more than 50 years at the musical coal face, during that time he's influenced several generations of fiddle players. 2012 saw him contribute to a number of albums, including The Quick And The Dead with the Geoff Everett Band and "All The Good Friends From Red Shoes. David Swarbrick is highly deserving of our Lifetime Achievement Award for his long contribution to folk music. We wish him well for the future .

Thank You

2012 was an exceptional and busy year. Between them, the Fatea team reviewed more albums, gigs and festivals than we have ever done before and we still struggled to keep up in what was an exceptional year for music.

We managed to find time to help create a new internet radio station that focuses on the music that we predominantly feature in the magazine, that on the acoustic spectrum. www.acousticspectrum.co.uk/as-radio has enjoyed month on month growth since the Olympics and now has over a quarter of its listeners in the US and Canada as well as a similar number listening on continental Europe, we and the bands that you are listening to thank you very much for that.

Similarly this has been the most successful year ever for the Fatea Showcase Sessions, our virtual coverdisk. More of you than ever have downloaded the sessions and thanks to the great support that we've had from local and internet radio and you mentioning the sessions on Twitter and Facebook the featured bands are reaching more people than ever before.

Fatea Magazine is about getting artists heard, giving them a voice so you can become aware of them and listen to their music. Without those acts and your giving them a chance, the world would be a highly boring place. The Fatea team would like to thank both acts and music fans for your contribution to the music scene and giving us a reason to exist.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed to Fatea during our busiest year ever. Without your help and support we couldn't have featured anything like the number of acts that we have and Fatea wouldn't be what it is and continues to be.

We've got some exciting plans for 2013 and will bring you news of them during the year. In the meantime here's to a great twelve months past and to those still to come. If you would like to be involved in the Fatea story as a writer, reviewer or photographer please get in touch.

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