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To the right you'll find a list of the most recent tour dates we've had in.

Alphabetically listed below are the artists and clubs that have sent in dates and the months of dates covered.(Check out one of the pages, it'll all make sense :-)

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Artists & Clubs

Blackbeard's Tea Party - Feb, Mar, Apr, May
Blair Dunlop & Emma Stevens - Apr, May
Frigg - Apr, May
Jackie Oates - May, June
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman - Mar, Apr, May
Katzenjammer - May
Mawkin - May
Matthew The Oxx - Mar, Apr, May
Polly & The Billets Doux - May, June
Red Moon - Apr, May
Rosie And The Goldbug - Mar, Apr, May
Twickfolk - Apr, May
The Willows - Apr, May, Jun
WoodenArms - Apr, May,


Bam Fest - May
Kilkenny Roots Festival - May

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