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As has become the tradition, we start off this edition of News And Snippets with a charity event, this time one we've had a hand in the organisation of.

If you're in the Poole/Bournemouth area on Friday 16th of September, we whole heartedly recommend a visit to Champions in Westbourne for The Gigantic Mirrorball Show to raise money for MacMillan Caring Locally and their unit at Christchurch.

Mirrored Shower in their big band form headline with support. Fatea's own Neil King gets to MC part of the evening and all of this entertainment is available for just a fiver, so if you are in the area please do turn up or order your tickets in advance via

We were going to review this EP in our releases section, but decided against it on the grounds that it might not be genuine release, it was handed out of the Club Tent Stage at Cambridge Folk Festival and we were lucky enough to get one.

Alex Patterson sings her self penned songs in a very idiosyncratic style, that really feels like it could have evolved from a deal done at the crossroads back in the thirties. It truly is a remarkable style and one that draws you in. There is a real individual quality in her work that makes it stand out. This is something very special and you heard it here first.

The 'Rough EP' has been spending a lot of time on the office cd player and we'd recommend that if you can get yourselves a copy get one and get it right now.

Alex played at Cambridge as part of a trio alongside two other remarkable musicians, Bryony And Glace Lemon, almost performing a set with in a set. As a trio the girls played some truly innovative variations around Celtic themes . To get a truer flavour of that check out the Bryony Lemon And Friends album.

A band that many of you would have seen lighting up a load of festivals this Summer, Katzenjammer, will be releasing their follow up to "Le Pop" with their new album "A Kiss Before You Go" at some point in the Autumn. In the meantime a reminder of their anarchy or an introduction if you still need it.

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