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I'm sure there are times when listening to the right song is enough to take someone out of a dark place and back on to somewhere just a bit lighter, but for those times when people are staring into the abyss knowing that you can just pick up a phone and talk about it is sometimes the only thing that stops despair turning into tragedy.

Over the years, The Samaritans, have done and still do provide a service that literally does save lives. They have pulled countless individuals back from the brink and helped to send them on the path of recovery. To train volunteers and have them on the phone staffed twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year takes money.

I was really pleased to see that the music community have got together to compile and album "Songs To Save A Life" in order to raise money for the Samaritans. If you can please find yourselves an opportunity to purchase a copy do so or simply go to the Samaritan's website and see how else you can support this well worthy organisation

We received a review copy of this album and will be doing so. We've also made a donation to ensure the Samaritans don't miss out.

On a brighter note, those of you who made it to the Cambridge Folk Festival this year and those of you that didn't will be pleased to know that our 100 page plus post festival site, packed full of reviews, pictures and interviews is available for you perusal at

For our video this week, we've decided to go a little country with Glasgow based duo Raintown and their new video, "Picture Of Us".

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