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Many of you will have already downloaded the Broke Sharkey track, "Autumn" as part of the Fatea Showcase Sessions Autumn 12:Pathways and if you haven't you've got until the 31st of October to go to and grab yourselves a copy.

I'm pleased to announce that in anticipation of her new album, "One Dress", due for release on the 5th of December, Brooke has made a non-album track, "His Voice" available to all. Just follow the link below to get yourself a great track and one that really whets the appetite for a truly dynamic and vibrant album.

Talking about new albums, Folk Duo, Red Shoes are rapidly approaching the release of their new album, "All The Good Friends", on November the 28th, they are continuing to push as many people towards their pledge music site. The good news is that they've already go through their pledge requirements, but as The Stroke Association benefits from all additional pledges can we highly recommend that you go to their site and pledge.

Those that pledge get to hear some bonus work in progress type tracks and as the album includes guests like Dave Pegg and Dave Swarbrick, amongst others there is real anticipation around this, they've even got a couple of house concerts available for pledgers.

Colin Bertram is looking to make his Folk And Acoustic Music show on interactive by handing interview slots to the artists. Unfortunately this is a bit awkward as Colin hasn't got a studio to work of, but undeterred, he's making this a do it yourself element to the approach and asking the artists to self interview and then get the results to him. The Jaywalkers have already signed up to this approach and will also get two tracks played on the show to sandwich the interview.

If you're up for the idea than please drop Colin a line at the address below. Questions you might want to think about include:

  • - introduce band members
  • - how did you meet?
  • - how long has the band been together?
  • - what are your musical (and other) influences?
  • - how did you go about choosing songs for your new album?
  • - what are your plans for the next couple of months? Any live dates?
  • - talk about your albums, web site, Facebook etc for more details.

Once again, due to the amount of activity in the office, Fatea Magazine is looking for more writers and reviewers, able to cover releases and live reviews. We're looking for writers from right around the country who are able to help feature the best of their local scene as well as from further afield. We're particularly looking for writers that can review Gaelic and Welsh language releases. for more information as to how the whole thing works.

Last month a group of the UK finest American musicians gathered in the upstairs room of The Betsy Trotwood to offer their tribute to the classic Bruce Springsteen album 'Nebraska' which was released 30 years ago on the 30th September.

Ten artists and groups had a mere twenty minutes to record their choice of song on a TEAC Tascam Series 246 4-track cassette recorder and get filmed for the project. Unless you were lucky enough to be at the sold out gig at The Slaughtered Lamb, until the official release you will need to head over to the Clubhouse Records YouTube channel.

Our review here

Videos of the project here:

Steve Arlene - State Trooper

And yes it has been a long time since the last news and snippets

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