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Someone mentioned to me recently that I seem to have been neglecting the news and snippets section, looking at the situation, it looks like I've been banged to rights and will be correcting that, starting now.

News reaches us that the as yet un-named follow up to "Ring Around The Land", from Birmingham based Red Shoes is beginning to get the feel of a Brummie supergroup

Fairport Convention's Dave Pegg, is onboard again and this time he's being joined by fellow son of the Blackcountry and former band mate Dave Swarbrick, with other guests still be be mentioned.

Red Shoes are hoping that "Ring Around The Land" gets good airplay on the 1st of May as an homage to Englishness. The duo have yet to confirm what arrest risking stunt they will try to pull off for the album cover. It's definitely an album that's becoming more and more intriguing, more news as we get it

A band that's starting to get a lot of attention at the moment are The Folk. They've just released their debut single, "When It Rains", which prompted no less a person than Tom Robinson to say, "It's the chorus that holds this track for me. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and the nature of the recording is charming."

There's more to it than that. More than most other genres, folk seems to have a good number of young artists that have a serious credibility, like others before them, The Folk are performing whilst still studying for their A Levels, the thing that sets them apart from some of their peers, is the sense of fashion they bring alongside their music. It's brought them great coverage and offers from DM Boots and fashion magazines.

This looks like it might be a really fun one to keep an eye on. I can hear the sound of cobwebs being blown away.

A couple of dates for your diary. Doncaster Folk Festival 2012. 18th - 20th May, is the first. The Festival is in its 6th year and this promises to be the best ever, with a line-up that has been attracting national attention.

Megson, Lucy Ward, Flossie Malavialle, Pilgrims' Way, Damien Barber & Mike Wilson, Les Barker are all included in what seems like a damned fine line up. Add in a healthy selection of workshops, dance events, decent camping and the obligatory selection of fine ales and you've got a great recipe for a great little festival. More details from

As regular readers know we like to do our bit to publicise charity events with an acoustic spectrum bias so the other date you need for your diary is June 10th. East Dorset Friends Of The Earth are celebrating their 40th birthday with a benefit gig.

Centre Stage, Westbourne, Bournemouth is the venue, with a line up of Sean Taylor, Peter Christie and introducing Jasmine Newsome-Stone as part of a policy of supporting new shoots in the folk world. It all looks like being a great night for a worthy cause, if you can get there, please do. More details:

Having already included them in this edition on News & Snippets, it would have seemed a little churlish not to let them have the video feature as well, so ladies and gentlemen, "When It Rains" from The Folk.

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