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Some of you may already be aware that there is a new internet radio station on the way, Acoustic Spectrum. At the moment there's the obligatory Facebook Page and a twitter account, @acousticspectru and there's absolutely bucketloads of work going on behind the scenes to try and get the station ready for launch.

As the name implies, Acoustic Spectrum will be playing loads of music from right across the acoustic spectrum and beyond. Up and coming artists will get plenty of shots at airplay as the station will be focusing on small labels and self releasing artists. We'll keep you posted and let you have news as to shows that are going to be featured, launch date, schedules etc.

Laurence Collyer, aka The Diamond Family Archive, is following up his EP a month project from last year with a project that gets him and hopefully other musicians out of the studio and walking. (Which ties in nicely with the title of our current download)

Every month there will be a new song which will build into an album over the year, each song will be accompanied by a grid referenced walk and a field recording of that month's song, which we think sounds like a cracking idea. Lots more detail, including the 1st track and walk here.

Acoustic duos appear to be changing their names at the moment. Two have become Union Jill which makes them so much easier to find on the interweb, even easier if you click here and Scarlet Jack have simply become Greg McDonald and Gemma Gayner because a Russian Porn star is making use of their old name.

More importantly though, the band have been in and are in the studio with Show Of Hands, Steve Knightley and Phil Beer, who are co-producing an album for them. Also expect to see Greg and Gemma at Rochester Sweeps Festival in May. for more news.

Finally on this New & Snippets. Following many sleepless nights and handfuls of hair pulled out Rebekah Delgado's debut EP, " Sing You Through The Storm EP" ready to release on 26th March. If you can't wait that long, check out the video , below and visit her website for more news

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