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Fatea Awards Winners And Runners Up 2014

Fatea is proud to announce the winners for the Fatea Awards. The awards are nominated by the Fatea team and recognise excellence over 2014.

Each award has a shortlist of three and we congratulate all artists on our shortlist as well as the many others that were nominated and every singer-songwriter and band that released music or performed live during 2014.

No artist is allowed to win more than one award and all have featured in the magazine during the last year.

We also have three special awards. The Tradition Award is presented to the act that have traditional folk at the root of their sound and use it to inspire new songs, tunes and arrangements. The Innovation Award is presented for a context or concept that widens the appeal of roots based music or brings a different thought process to it. The Lifetime Achievement Award speaks for its self and is announced on the night

The runners up are in no particular order

Album Of The Year 2014
Lament Of The Black Sheep - Ange Hardy
Sweet Visitor - Nancy Kerr
Lily-O - Sam Amidon

Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2014
Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Armistice Pals
Fran Morter EP - Fran Morter
Triple A Side - Marina Florance

Track/Song Of The Year 2014
Made To Love Music - Little Rach
Summat's Brewing - O'Hooley & Tidow
Giant - Heg & The Wolf Chorus

Debut Album Of The Year 2014
While The Blackthorn Burns - Ninebarrow
The Wishing Tree - Little Sparrow
This Land - Kelly Oliver

Instrumental Album Of The Year 2014
Pilgrim - Oka Vanga
Cabinet Of Curiosities - Hut People
Kathryn Tickell & The Side - Kathryn Tickell & The Side

Female Vocalist Of The Year 2014
Maz O'Connor
Jess Morgan
Siobhan Miller

Male Vocalist Of The Year 2014
Luke Jackson
Ewan McLennan
Blair Dunlop

Band/Duo Of The Year 2014
Young Uns
The Willows
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

Instrumentalist Of The Year 2014
Martin Green
Will Pound
Phillip Henry

Innovation 2014
Made In The Great War (Sam Sweeney, Hugh Lipton, Paul Sartin & Rob Harbron)
Children Of The Smoke
Show Of Hands, Centenary – Words and Music of the Great War

Tradition 2014
English Folk Expo
The Furrow Collective
Elizabethan Sessions

Lifetime Achievement Award
Richard Thompson

Thank You

2014 was the busiest year we have ever had at Fatea. Once again we have reviewed more releases and gigs than we have ever done so before. Fatea has the biggest writing team that we have ever had and we have still struggled to keep up, so if you sent in a release for review and we didn't manage to achieve that, apologies.

Our virtual cover disk, The Fatea Showcase Sessions, continues to go from strength to strength with more downloads during 2014 than ever before. 2015 will be the eighth year in which we've run the Fatea Showcase Sessions and in every year more people have downloaded them than in the previous year.

It's not all been plain sailing. Due to circumstances beyond our control Acoustic Spectrum, the radio station we were affiliated with is currently off air, but will return in 2015, once again allowing us to give your material airplay. There is a silver lining to that cloud. We have forged an alliance with the excellent Blues & Roots Radio and three of our shows, Along The Tracks, Northern Sky Vaults and The Jacket's Americana Jukebox along with lots of other great shows, including Roots & Fusion and the revived Bob's Folk Show can all be heard on that station. Our alliance now means that acts featured on those shows are getting greater exposure in Canada, the USA and Australia. Many of the shows are now also available on Mixcloud and 2015 will see our relationship with the broadcast medium continue to go from strength to strength

The relationship with Blues & Roots Radio has seen our readership in North America and Australia increase with Scandinavia also showing as a region where Fatea is becoming more and more popular.

Fatea Magazine is about getting artists heard, giving them a voice so you can become aware of them and listen to their music. Without those acts and your giving them a chance, the world would be a highly boring place. The Fatea team would like to thank both acts and music fans for your contribution to the music scene and giving us a reason to exist.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed to Fatea during our busiest year ever. Without your help and support we couldn't have featured anything like the number of acts that we have and Fatea wouldn't be what it is and continues to be.

We've got some really exciting plans to provide more services for musicians through 2015, which we'll bring you more news of as the year progresses. In the meantime here's to a great twelve months past and to those still to come. If you would like to be involved in the Fatea story as a writer, reviewer or photographer please get in touch.

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