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Fatea Showcase Sessions
Spring 2012 - Walking

Our new Fatea Showcase Session Download Spring 12 - Walking will go live on February 1st. We are pleased and proud to announce the following line-up:

01. Merry Hell - Drunken Serenade
02. L.A. Salami - We’ll Solve It After
03. Richard Kitson - Robin Hood’s Bay
04. The Willows - Absent Friends
05. Hannah James & Sam Sweeney - On Yonder Hill There Sits A Hare
06. David Youngs - In Sabina (Portland Strubel)
07. Pete Christie - Ballad Of An Ordinary Man
08. Tri - Morning Dew/MacArthur Road
09. Sproatly Smith - Blackthorn Winter
10. Holika - Corner Of A Circle
11. Robert Brown - Lord Franklin
12. Fran Milner - A Feeling
13. Rapunzel & Sedayne - Katy Kay/Katie Cruel
14. Blueflint - High Country
15. Duotone - Alphabet
16. Black Peak - Prodigy
17. Dylan Walshe - Your Belly Not Mine

Walking is the 16th download in the Fatea Showcase Sessions series. The current Session, "Inspirations" is available until January 31st after which it's gone forever

The download comes to you at no charge. Support the artists involved by listening to the download and then more of their songs, buying their albums, going to their gigs, writing about them on Facebook etc.

Fatea Showcase Sessions

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are a series of downloads featuring acts that we've really enjoyed and think that more people should get the chance to hear.
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