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Bob Meyer is the man behind Bob's Folk Show a show that goes out on from 9 to 11pm on a Tuesday evening and which is collecting a bigger and bigger following. A big feature of Bob's Folk Show is the studio guest and recently that studio guest was Trent Miller, who can also be heard on the current Fatea Showcase Session download , Interactions.
Before going into the studio Bob and Trent met up in a country pub in Surrey for a beer and a chat.
#BM= Bob Meyer #TM= Trent Miller

#BM What made you move to London from Italy?

#TM moved to London in summer 2006. Italy is such a great place but I could not see any real opportunities for a career in music and London seemed the obvious choice. Never really regretted it, not even when I had to clean toilets or spend endless hours in whatever other horrible jobs I had to take to survive for the first months that I spent here.

#BM When did you first start to sing and play the guitar?

#TM I started when I was 16 I think. Funny enough it was Oasis that made me want to play music. I saw them live in Milan for the 'Be Her Now' tour and thought 'Wow. I want to be on a stage and be a rock star'. The fact that a lot of real hot girls were screaming like mad was probably a big influence too. I've always loved the Beatles, the blue and red anthologies were the first albums I ever bought and I remember singing along with them and making up the words to every song when I was a kid.

#BM Who are your main influences and why?

#TM A lot of influences, the Beatles like I said at first. Then I got really into grunge like Nirvana and Alice in Chains when I was a teenager. I've always had a penchant for Gothic music and everything that explores the darker side of life but if I had to mention three artists I'd say Hank Williams, Gene Clark and Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club - which is a band I'm totally obsessed with. Contemporary music I don't listen too much to it but I really like the Brian Jonestown Massacre. But the most important person in my formative years was Franco Di Terlizi, my ex band mate in Italy. We used to spend every weekend in his home made recording studio back in the days. He taught me basically everything I know about music and how to make records. He is fronting a band called Radio King these days and I will play with them in the upcoming Italian tour in autumn 2011.

#BM Your first album CERBERUS was recorded at home by yourself did you find working with a full band in a studio easier or harder?

#TM 'Cerberus' to be honest I don't remember much about recording it as I was totally out of my head at the time, but I loved having a little studio in my bedroom in Holloway Rd. I had everything set up and ready to record any time I felt like. Unfortunately I got evicted from the place and had to pack all my gear and never really used it again. 'Inferno Valley' was a much more difficult record to make as I had a very clear vision of how I wanted it to sound and I could not have done it on my own without Anders, Jim, Jason, all the other people involved in the sessions and producer/engineer Richard Johnson. They're all great musicians and their heart is on the right side. Recording with them was very easy as we share a very immediate and direct approach to the studio. I have learnt a lot in making the last record.

#BM You are a great live performer with a reputation for liking a drink or two before a gig and you do a lot of gigs what's your worst and best memory?

#TM My best memories as far as live performances go are whenever I have felt a real connection with the audience and played a good show. Playing with the band is always great as there is a lot energy flowing between me and the guys. As for the drinking... some people can play when they've had a few and some can't. I definitely can't. I remember some real bad stuff going on and a lot of really idiotic decisions. But I'm not one to dwell in my past mistakes and a bit of madness and mayhem are necessary I think. Also if I wanted to behave like a good boy all the time I would have chosen another line of work like volunteering for the Red Cross or stuff like that, and not rock n roll...

#BM When's the next album coming out?

#TM 'Welcome To Inferno Valley' came out on 8th August for the label Bucketfull Of Brains and is distributed by Proper. It has been a really important step forward from releasing 'Cerberus' on my own label. Me and the guys are working on a new set of songs for the next album 'Burnt Offerings'. It's gonna sound very different from the last record, a more direct and electric sound. We will start recording as soon as we are ready and I have enough money to afford the studio! I really believe in making records, that's where the legacy of an artist is and I love being an indipendent artist so no one can tell me how the record has to sound, how the artwork has to look etc. Me and the band are the only people who make these decisions and it is something that is not going to change in the future, no matter what.

#BM Anything else you would like to add?

#TM First of all, a big thank you to all the people that have supported me over the years. Nick West, the director of Bucketfull Of Brains, for believing in me and my music. My band mates for all the time and commitment. All the artists I have shared the stage with for their inspiration and for keeping it real. People like you that have made it possible for my songs to reach a wider audience and every single person who ever came to see our shows or bought an album.
I also have a message for the kids out there:

'These are very hard times and I am so thankful for not being a teenager in this era of media brainwashing and soulless pop plastic puppets.
But keep the faith! There's still a lot of great music out there.
Don't be afraid of madness & keep music dangerous'


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Picture Credit:Annabel Vere

If you want a copy of the Fatea Showcase Session with Trent on it, you need to download it before the 31st of October 2011, if you're reading this after that date, sorry you're too late. Still he's still got albums for you to buy.

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