The Plea
Album: The Dreamers Stadium
Label: Planet Function
Tracks: 12

This debut album from Irish band The Plea is really quite phenomenal. The Plea are in no way a work in progress- their anthemic rock songs just scream to be played at Wembley Stadium with the amps turned up to 11. The band have an undeniable chemistry together and they have an uncanny ability to craft some of the best rock 'n' roll tunes I've heard in a while.

The opening track 'Staggers Anthem' features drawling vocals reminiscent of Richard Ashcroft, and the song is an awesome introduction to an almost flawless album. I say almost because although the CD is chock full of catchy hooks and riffs, there is an over-reliance on radio-friendly choruses which has the potential to be slightly overbearing in the grand scheme of things.

'Too Young To Die' is a sorrowful song yet it makes the perfect ending for this album. A Dreamers Stadium is a highly promising album full of talent and artistic vision, and if you like your rock loud and ready to roll then this album was made for you.

Sophie Babur-Puplett

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