The Roving Crows
Album: Bacchanalia
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

As you might imagine from any album called "Bacchanalia", the new album from multi-award winning The Roving Crows, is a joyous celebration of good times for all. Loving, drinking and good honest cavorting, being amongst the flavours of the day.

There are times when this album feels like a licentious festival turned into an aural form and waiting for you to take it to a party, turn the amp up to eleven and pump the feeling back into the room. This is a record that it would be very easy to have a good time to, uncork a bottle or three and go for it.

Whilst this feels like an album for sharing and it is, there's more to it than that. If you are listening to it on your own, it's an album that's almost certain to pick you up, get your feet tapping, fingers drumming and who knows after a couple of plays singing along.

When an album is on the light and frothy side, it's easy to forget the quality of the musicians creating the sound. Upbeat and wild still needs to be bang on the mark, perhaps more so as there's nothing worse than not quite being there. Fear not, it's not an accusation that can be levelled at the Roving Crows, counting amongst their number Caitlin Barrett, recently named fiddle player of the year at the recent Irish Music Association Awards. The band also waltzed off with the Top Celtic Rock Band Award

That's not to say the rest of the band slouch around resting on their laurels, far from it, this is an album sharp enough to cut its own foot off, regardless of that being via the long and sweeping instrumental sections or supporting the lyrics. There is a prowess that remains very much to the fore

"Bacchanalia" is a good, fun time album, a real spirit lifter. There's a very live feel to the album, one that tells of a great festival band, the Roving Crows are that and more, they're damned fine studio artists to boot.

Neil King