Rita Hosking
Album: Little Boat
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

Rita Hosking hails from California. Interestingly, She quit her job as a History teacher a few years back to focus on her music; a risk worth taking, since she won Best Country Album Vox Pop at the Independent Music Awards in 2010.

Three years later, Rita, along with her husband Sean Feder, daughter Kora Feder, and Rich and Kathy Brotherton, has put together seven track collection of brand new songs. Entitled Little Boat, it is perhaps an apt name for a smaller than usual album, which, nonetheless, more than rides its own wave. It was recorded over four days in Brotherton's studio in Austin, Texas.

There are some powerful songs among the seven. The title of the CD derives from the lyrics in the song Blow Northwest Wind. Clean is a look inside the life and mind of a young housemaid, whilst Sierra Bound was inspired by the Sierra Mountains and written for a friend of Rita's, a scientist. Five Star Location touches on the working man and Where Time is Reigning was inspired by a visit with her daughter to an observatory and the musings it triggered. One of my favourites is Parting Glass, not to be confused with the more traditional The Parting Glass.

Everyone who has enjoyed Hosking's earlier offerings needs this follow up album and equally it would serve as a great introuduction to her music. I can almost guarantee it will have you reaching for your mouse, to find her earlier offerings.

Helen Mitchell