Penny White
EP: Penny White
Label: Chicken Feet
Tracks: 4

You know how that certain someone makes you feel a full spectrum of emotions from crazy in love to heart wrenching want? Penny White's EP is that person in a perfect, circular CD format.

It's only four tracks but what an introduction to this lady's understated talents. It's not often that the most powerful track is first (it's usually ensconced in the middle, seeking comfort from the more upbeat ones) but 'Let's Go' takes just 10 seconds to pull you into its heart broken grasp and fill you with a longing for something unknown. It's achingly beautiful in its hopeful intension but lonely too. Stunning.

'Mosquito' taps along just lovely and has the early Corrine Bailey Rae about it; sweet, tingly to the ears and eeks a smile out of you without you realising. Despite mosquito's being the most hideous of species this one has a story and a face; there won't be any swatting needed here.

'Nightmare' is anything but. If a bad dream had this as its soundtrack every night would be a peaceful one. Guitars provided by White and David Roberts are thoughtful to the tune and ensure the songs story is told truthfully and from the heart.

'Rolling Thunder' is billed as the bonus track and it truly is. It's a gorgeous acoustic dream and the vocal perfections of White and Tim Welch come together like they were meant to be. Worthy of your time, this EP should be made compulsory listening if you want a little sparkle at the end of your day. Add Penny White to your musical watch list.

Emma Sutherland