One Mile An Hour
Album: One Mile An Hour
Label: Snowbird
Tracks: 10

Beautifully structured and immensely enjoyable debut album from South Coast trio One Mile An Hour.

Mastered by the renowned John Dent, who has previously been responsible for remastering albums by amongst others Nick Drake, Radiohead and Robert Plant.

From the first bars of the opening track 'Sunken Ships' to the closing lines of the penultimate track 'Love You More, the breathy and atmospheric vocals of Jeff Kightly captivate and hold the attention throughout.

This is an album of contrasts, from songs of beauty and stark simplicity to complex and involved musical cinema-scapes, this is without doubt an album of pure understated quality.

Never the case before for me to review a stack of albums and retrieve one from the out tray before the pile of CD's has been completed, but this album was constantly returning to the CD player, and each time it offered me something new.

Production standards are high, more than likely the result of the band constructing their own studio in the attic of a house overlooking the sea on the South Coast of England, which has maybe providing them with an unhurried and distraction free environment in which to work.

The album delivers on so many fronts and the songwriting and musicianship scream innovation and ambition in equal amounts.

I'm not going to fall into the trap of offering subjective comparisons of the band's style and sound, as the structure of this album is sufficiently original to defy comparison.

It is quite simply a superb album.

Phil Carter