Oldie Composers Raise Funds For Banardos

OLDIE COMPOSERS is a UK wide songwriting competition, open to the older generation, to showcase their talent and to raise money for Barnardo's.

Anthony Head, Sir Terry Wogan, Clare Teal and upcoming boy band FTW, were at the launch for the Top 4 songs in the Oldie Composers competition, in aid of Barnardo's. There were live performances from Anthony Head, star of Merlin and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Clare Teal, singer and presenter on BBC Radio 2 and Manchester based boy band FTW with video footage of the 4th song, sung by soprano Andrea Ryder.

Also present were the winning songwriters, Trevor Wiles and Paul Hadler, Marina Florance, Maggie Duffy and John Mackfall and a special guest, 89 year old Jo Masters, the oldest competitor in the competition, whose entry just failed to make the last four!

The organisers, Charity Goods, are hoping that the four recordings will appeal to Radio Producers from both BBC and Commercial Radio stations, who will give them much needed "air time" to maximise downloads of the tracks and boost the revenue raised for the charity.

All proceeds from the download sales, allowing for VAT, download provider fees and Credit Card charges will be donated to Barnardo's. This should be in the region of £0.40p from iTunes and £0.50p from Charity Goods. The overall winner of the competition will be the song that is downloaded most by 18:00 on 25th July 2012. Winner will be announced on 31st July, to allow for iTunes reporting.

As it's a charity event, we'd recommend that you download all four, but it's also a competition so give your favourite track an extra download. Not that we're trying to influence the outcome, all four finalists are already winners, but we'd suggest that you take a really good listen to "Cry" written by Marina Florance.

In support of the Oldies Composer Competition and Barnados, Acoustic Spectrum Radio will be giving you the opportunity to hear the tracks back to back every Tuesday at 8pm between now and the end of the competition and wish everyone associated with the competition the best of luck and hope Barnados raise an absolute fortune.

More details from http://www.oldiecomposers.com/ purchase from Charity Goods.


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