Linda Bandelier, David Campbell & Friends
Album: Ae Fond Kiss
Label: Birnam
Tracks: 18

Robbie Burns tribute album that celebrates 21 years on the Scottish traditional music circuit for Linda Bandelier and David Campbell, ably supported by Kate Harrigan, Mairi Campbell and Hamish Moore.

The album is a heady mix of prose, poetry and song that tells the story of Scotland's most famous and enduringly popular poet Robert Burns.

The project serves as a good introduction for the casual Burns observer and is a captivating and well constructed pastiche of pieces drawn from the poet's extensive canon of work that pays due respect to the ample legacy left by Burns.

The poetry and songs of Robert Burns continues to inspire and influence songwriters and musicians from Scotland to Nova Scotia, and this album is a worthy addition to the extensive list of artists moved to record their tributes to the great man.

Ayrshire Tourist Information shops on the Burns trail would do well to stockpile copies of this album.

Phil Carter