Introducing...The Folk

Exciting new music from all female, acoustic neo folk band, The Folk. The Four strong Hertfordshire based quartet have had their debut single played on national radio - courtesy of Tom Robinson - featured in a ten page fashion spread in SHOUT teen magazine, are one of four new girlbands featured in We love Pop magazine, have their footwear provided by uber cool Doc Martens and are lined up for a host of respected festivals, including The Alternative Escape as part of The Great Escape fringe activities in Brighton in May. Rhythms of the World, Hitchin, Rhythms Festival in Shuttleworth and Strawberry Fair, Cambridge.

They've only been playing together for a year, have paid for their recording from their busking income and to top it all, are all still at school !

"We have loads of instruments that we take turns to play, for example there are six different ukuleles that are mostly Rose's, but Sam often borrows her bass ukulele which sounds really cool, like a bass guitar, in addition to her own ukulele and her violin. The violin is pretty prominent in a number of our tracks, especially Stay.

Sam also plays the Melodica which will feature in our next single ' Wait Forever '. Rose has recently acquired an Accordion, which is a beast of an instrument, so now we are working out some new songs which use that sound too which is fun.

Lucy is our lead singer and provides a great focal point when we are on stage, she also does Floor Drum in some of the tracks, but her forte is being our ' front woman', she's really good at chatting to the audience while we are retuning, or plugging in yet another instrument. Some of our songs are in DADGAD, so then we have to re tune to normal tuning half way through which can take a minute or so !

Lauren plays the guitar in all our songs, if there is one instrument playing, it will be Lauren's, as in Outside, where it is just her and three vocals. We do that one on the radio as it doesn't take up too much space in the studio ! She also plays bass guitar, mandolin and ukulele, but most of the time she is using her electro acoustic guitar."

"Their music has an undeniable and adorable pop sentimentality. There's go weak at the knees melodies and harmonies to die for... Robin Seamer, Breaking New Waves Blog.

"It's the chorus that holds this track for me. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and the nature of the recording is charming". TOM ROBINSON, BBC Radio 6 New Music Presenter.

Helen Meissner

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