Introducing...Becca B

BeccaB is a musician from Nottinghamshire UK. She has just released "Dear Diary" on Red Dragon Records

Born in 1984 in Germany, and moving back to the UK as a youngster Becca grew up around music from the likes of Donny Osmond,Barry Manilow, Motown, Spice Girls and Take That to name a few!!

Becca began song writing in 2009 and joined a band in 2010 but decided she wanted a solo career writing her own material.

One of Becca's idols is Pink, she is the main influence behind her music, Becca uses Pinks pop/rock background and her own life experiences and feelings to create her songs.

Musically speaking Becca also draws her inspiration from different genres such as Rock, Pop, Motown and R & B, she uses her love of Kings of Leon, Pink and Plan B to create her own unique style of music.

Becca has performed in a wide range of local gigs staring on the same stage as Gareth Gates and Stacey Solomon.

Becca sang at party in the park 2011 - performing locally at various venues, supporting great bands, tribute acts and headlining at various gigs. Becca also performed at the Ashfield Show in 2011 as a supporting act for the headliner Stacey Solomon.

Becca is currently working on her first album and with a supportive family base, 2 loving children and partner who are proud that their mum and girlfriend are achieving her lifelong dream everyone, including her loyal friends are 100% behind her.

BeccB is becoming a very well know artist and defiantly one to look out for.


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