Futur Primitif
Album: Machine Teeth
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

Singer-songwriter Daniel Lefkowitz of The Low Anthem is back with a new musical project, Futur Primitif. The album blends a number of styles, from Americana to indie with hints of blues and pop which makes for an interesting but easy listen. The first track Nuclear Shockwave stands out straight away with it's macabre lyrics which are paired with an easy guitar strum that evolves into a supersonic guitar-and-synth line. The song is full of heartfelt emotion and a darkness which follows through the whole album.

The song for which the album is named, Machine Teeth, is a much softer song than Nuclear Shockwave, although its' lyrics are just as depressing but in a whole new way. The song tells the story of a factory machine worker whose life seems pretty drab to be honest- but Daniel sings the poignant lyrics with such soul and emotion it's impossible not to believe it.

This album is going in a whole new direction to his past works, and he is joined by Jared Elmore on the synths, drum machine and general electronic genius. This impressive duo are now signed to UK label Integrity Records and after a hiatus in early 2012 spent recording, Futur Primitive are back on tour in the USA and are on track to do a UK tour in spring 2013 to support the European release of this fantastic album.

Sophie Babur-Puplett