Shut Up - And Listen. Folkwit Celebrate 2011

Shut Up & Listen - The Best of Folkwit Records 2011 - new, recent and upcoming releases

Folkwit Records are pleased to announce the release of a stunning 24-track compilation album featuring music from new, recent and upcoming releases.

It's available to download FREE to all at:

Folkwit Records was established in 2003 and has grown from very humble beginnings into a label with an international roster and a reputation to match.

Described as "Splendid!" by BBC Radio 6 DJ Tom Robinson and "Cool!" by ArtRocker lead journalist Stephen McLeod, the label has spread its wings far and wide representing an eclectic roster with acts from the UK, USA, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Despite its international leanings, Folkwit Records remains true to its origins and is still run from the same spare bedroom at the back of an old Victorian red-brick house in the city of Nottingham.

Long gone are the days when the music industry turned over millions each week, the business today is more of a labour (or should we say label) of love. It's about a passion for music. We like what we like and to paraphrase the late great John Peel, we don't care so much about genre or what's fashionable or not, we do care about artists who are genuine, believe in what they do and produce a sound that stimulates the ears.

We hope you will take the plunge and discover some of the fine music on offer from Folkwit Records and what better way to start than with this excellent free to download compilation.

Nick Butcher

Marvin B. Naylor - Little Speck Of Blue

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