Plucked From The Fish Pond 9

This week, the Fish Pond had the honor of welcoming Merry Ellen Kirk, a singer of pretty, contemporary songs coming out of Nashville. Merry is a more singable version of Jonsi's solo work, with a magically happy element that immediately lifts your spirit. But this week's review is about two other incredible musicians from the Musicians Institute in LA: Kine Hjeldnes from Norway, and Jonina Aradottir from Iceland.

Kine Hjeldnes, from the mysterious land of Norway, has been creating music that is so distinctive; she's almost a genre in and of herself. At first listen, one might wonder about the musical motives behind Kine Hjeldnes mystical tunes, but quickly you become entranced by the evocative nature of the songs, and the initial surprise wears off, though it always keeps you guessing. Kine has a talented ability to create intense harmonies, as with her original song "Ghosts," which you can listen to on her profile. Each song seems to embody a separate lost soul catching hold of you as you listen, as it tries to find some sort of home. Because of that element, she is able to create a style completely her own; every song different but with a common thread. She is an artist forging her way on the road less traveled, combining sounds with a strange and magical touch, using her airy, haunting voice as a base to build upon. Possibly influenced by Joanna Newsom, and Lykke Li, Kine is creating beautiful, diverse songs with a unique flair. It seems as though Kine is searching for something, and strangely, I hope she never finds it. Learn more about Kine here:

Jonina Aradottir is an Icelandic singer/songwriter from the southeastern countryside. This has given her a background of folky influence, which she combines with a new age rock sound. Throw her beautiful voice into the mix, and she is a force to be reckoned with. "I Need A Man" (which can be listened to on Jonina's youtube page) is an original song by Jonina; it's full of Amy Winehouse's soul without the rough edges. You can tell that as a songwriter, Jonina has a strong and sure character and confidence that pushes her tunes to the next level. She also exhibits this in her performance abilities. She can command a stage full of talented musicians, and keep the focus on her songs and the emotion she's trying to create with her set. Jonina definitely puts everything she has into a song in the kind of way that is a sign of success in the past, present, and future. Her folk influence is manifested in her tune "Maybe this is not the Time," an acoustic guitar-and-voice-only song. Even without the backing, she is able to drive the tune right through to the heart, with emotion dripping from her vocal chords. You can hear how well she has sculpted her voice from the way she manages it; she doesn't rely purely on talent, but importantly utilizes the overwhelming amount of skill she's learned from attending multiple music schools around the world. Found out more about her at:

As always, we rely on you, the music lover, to listen to our family of artists. Let's make this phenomenon a real contender in the music business. Give us your comments, and tell all your friends. We are eternally grateful, and you are so much a part of our family. As a music lover, you too can register today!

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Don't Worry, I'm Here Now(feat. Kine Hjeldnes)

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