Plucked From The Fish Pond 8

We are glad to join you again, our family of musicians expanding as ever, with the addition of pop gospel artist Dipo Michaels from Nigeria, uncategorizeable rocker Jeremy Long, from Hollywood, CA, soulful songstress Sarah Grace, also from Hollywood, and raised in the Far East, and Amanda Gunnels, quirky and fabulous singer for My Dear Wendy, from the West Coast USA. Come one, come all; it's a super family and we're getting stronger every day.

This week we showcase two really promising US high school/ college acts, Random Holiday and Behind Tomorrow.

When it comes to the world of pop punk, I am utterly biased. Raised on a diet of good, straight metal and rock, leaning in my college years toward The Dead Kennedys, The Sex Pistols, Green Day, and Sum 41, that drive enthuses me still. Random Holiday have all of this and much more; their early writing efforts like 'Dear Dad', already clinically executed punk rock; their later work even more so, ('Heart Grows Colder', 'Emma Watson Can Stupefy Me Any Day') shows their decision to take a deadly serious approach to "being a band". Their music, like their collective personality, is everything that pop punk should be; it's about not taking themselves too seriously outside the music, it's about late nights and hauling gear around in a van, it's about guitars and friends, and loving life. It's just Random Holiday and that's all that needs to be said. If you don't check them out here - then I guess pop punk is not your bag after all:

Behind Tomorrow are some of the nicest lads you'll ever meet. Intelligent yet modest, loving their songs and the performance, these guys were THE first band in the Fish Pond family. Their favorite song is an intelligent, guitar driven track called 'Killing Me'. My equal favorites are the classic 'Black the Dragon' (credit to Kelly Schrader) and 'Facebook Love', a really singable, fun, and just.....very real, song about modern social flirtworking. Each time I saw them live, they were hugely comfortable with an audience, bringing us along with every word. These last two songs, especially 'Facebook Love', show some great promise for these lads, and we wish them the very best as they begin college careers this autumn. Check them out online:

As always, we thank you for your support. If you like what you hear, have a listen to all of our 120+ musicians now in the family. Your comments, and your referrals, really make a difference to indie music.

Have a pop rocking week; sincerely,



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Random Holiday- Heart Grows Colder

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