Plucked From The Fish Pond 7

It's been another positive week, with our reach continuing to spread through recommendation and through the incredible networks which musicians already share. We congratulate long-time family Steve and Heather, and David and Terri Church, both in Nashville this last week for the Dreamwest TV event, which featured some strong advertizing for the Fish Pond. In the coming weeks, we look forward to the piano expertise of Patrick Ytting from the UK, as well as 14-year-old songbird Korie Anne, joining us from California where she is already enjoying a blossoming singing career.

Now, to matters at hand. The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, is a super community of very friendly, highly talented musicians, with five alumni already featured. It's my pleasure this week to feature our very first M.I. Fish Pond family member, Anna Yanova, and best friend Will Risbourg of Will and the Won'ts.

As seems so typical of the Musicians Institute's geographical pull, Anna Yanova has deep roots in Europe; born in Bulgaria, she was performing at a young age, and lists Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder amongst those with whom she has shared a stage. She's performed to 20,000 people in her short time on the planet so far, and listening to her material, it's easy to see why. Anna joined our family in May 2012, and a more friendly, joyful, musically delightful person you'd be hard pressed to find; in fact, it's her enthusiasm and drive which has spread the word to so many of her colleagues already. Far from home, she misses Europe, but is so clearly in the right place and around the right people to use her considerable talent to the full. 'Partners in Crime' is a beautiful song, languorous, piano based, and using all of her vocal range. Anna is a powerful singer, who is even now writing and looking to release her first EP in 2012. It's one to watch out for, and an exciting prospect to see where she goes next with her body of work. You can hear more from Anna on her profile page:

Will Risbourg is one of those musicians who will always remain in mind from the first time I heard him. 'In the Presence of Wolves' was a huge surprise, Dylan-esque comes to mind, if it's reasonable to compare him to anyone, with even a little of the best bits of Mumford & Sons and Flogging Molly in the mix. If you've ever had that 'jaw drop' moment when you first hear an artist and you're stunned into taking in every word, every nuance - this was it for me. It's a simple song, with Will's voice carrying a hugely powerful lyric. It's a song about despair, consequences, hasty actions, weariness, the journey; but most of all, it is hope itself, a song about love and the power of the people around us all to keep us going through even the most difficult times. It means a great deal to me, not only because I, like many people, have a very busy life, but also because I'm a great believer in relationships, people, helping each other out, and community. This song said it all for me. His YouTube efforts are also a sight to see - not only a great singing voice leading out Will and the Won'ts, but also great use of the banjo and the guitar to give the band a really cutting edge raw sound. You can hear more of Will and the Won'ts at their profile page:

We always love your comments, and thank you for taking an interest. We're looking to bring you some of the best cutting edge new indie music in one music-listening hub, and so we welcome your participation in this global family. Let us know what you think of our musicians, our writing, and the concept in general.

For now, wishing you a musical week, wherever you might be in the world.



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Will And The Won'ts - In The Presence Of Wolves

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