Plucked From The Fish Pond 6

As we push toward our second summer, great new music just keeps coming from the fish pond; more Hollywood greats from Will Risbourg of Will and the Won'ts, and soon to join us, Sarah Grace, growing up in the far east and coming to us from the Musicians Institute. To complement these adds, diverse new songs from Hadley (folk rock), Los Marty (beach-core), and Gracie Eisenhauer (classical). This week, we feature two of our younger family members, Sarah Urbin and Ludmila Dauvergne.

Sarah Urbin's story is something of a fairytale; based in Thonon-les-Bains in France, she's been singing and performing for years, leading her to become the 15-year-old star we now see before us. Concentrating at this point on quality production, which Hugo & the Storms provide so very well, she's a pop phenomenon waiting to happen. At 15, her vocal is still maturing, but in a strong and focused way. Listening to her material to date, professionally polished with excellent use of supporting media, I can only wonder what this young songbird will be at 18; at 21; at 25. One thing is for sure, she has a very good start, with some very savvy and talented people supporting her career already. Above all, that voice, the look, and the personality to make it happen.

You can find out more about Sarah on her profile, at:

Ludmila Dauvergne is Russian-born, and joins us from France. A quirky soul, she's a dedicated and accomplished dancer. Her first question to me: "do you mind if my song is in Russian language?". What a perfect add to a truly global, multi lingual family. Her cover, Tiomnaia Noch - Dark is the Night - is as haunting as its original appearance as a wartime composition in 1943. She carries the melody incredibly well, in an almost throwaway recording - as some of the most artistic tend to do. It's fascinating, drawing you into the song with its musical linguistic twist, and can be well complemented by reading the English translation of the lyrics, beautiful in themselves. Ludmila is currently producing covers, but as a multi-linguist I expect lots more from her - an understated, humble performer whose attitude to her artistic talent is as attractive as her vocal style.

You can find out more about Ludmila on her profile, at:

As we move into summer, you'll see more writing from Marny (our brand new staff journalist) and myself as we continue to spread the word and fighting for the family. You can help us most by viewing the site, listening to our family of musicians, and sharing your comments. If you like it, as we do, please pass it on.

May your June days all be musical!



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Amel Bent - Délit par Sarah Urbin

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