Plucked From The Fish Pond 5

The fish pond family continues to grow in leaps and bounds; an exciting new branch of the family is developing out of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, as we welcome Iceland's Jonina Aradottir and Australia's Sarah Dukowicz. Rounding out our week, Christian contemporary band 99 Behind, headed up by Dave Kibbe. Look out for much more from Hollywood in the coming weeks. This week, for your review, two more fabulous Berklee musicians, Collin Pastore and Hadley Kennary.

I first met Collin Pastore through our mutual family member, Deni Hlavinka. Collin, in his own words, "an advocate for simple songs with strong messages", is from Richmond, Virginia, and is now majoring in songwriting. The talent was clear, from my first listen to catchy pop rock number, "Superman". A perfect coming of age number, with hints of regret, times lost, but overwhelmed with joyful celebration, it's a punchy and singable track; I guarantee it will get you tapping your foot on the first listen. This in contrast to a beautifully unseasonal acoustic song, "Decembers in Virginia", which shows you a world of mournful winter heartache. Collin has the look, the voice, the songwriting skill, and the ability to find a hit that will make him a contender for a long, long time. Find out more on his profile page:

Hadley Kennary is a dark horse - I had no idea what to expect from this picture of an enthusiastic looking artist climbing a rock. It soon became apparent that like many of her Berklee counterparts, she had, and has, something very special. Releasing her first EP in 2011, Hadley has a natural singer's voice which harmonizes with the best of them. It's so sweet on the ear. Every song brings the same strength of melody and harmony, pitch perfect, beautifully executed; it's addictive. Particular favorites of mine are "Cry of the Flypaper" and "Storybook Worthy". Her vocals are particularly fine also in "Parachute", and she has recorded some spectacular harmonies with other family members, which are worth hunting down on YouTube. It's a gift. See what you think at:

This week look out for the first review from our new staff journalist, Marny Lion Proudfit. In addition, a little celebration of Australia and our four Oz musicians as Adelaide native Sarah Dokowicz joins us this weekend.

Wishing you a bright, musical week from the East Coast US.



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Hadley Kennary - Hemisphere

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