Plucked From The Fish Pond 4

It's been a truly international week, and our family has grown by another three members; Ludmila Dauvergne, of Russian heritage and now resident in France, with our first Russian language folk song; Sarah Urbin, 15 year old pop artist from Thonon-les-Bains in France; and finally our first graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, with a fabulous rock/pop style and a unique and highly likeable vocal - Bulgarian-born Anna Yanova. However to business; today we introduce two London based musicians, both highly recommended and with super unique sounds.

Russell Knight, also known as RJ Chevalier, is the epitome of the young English gentleman. An author, pianist, composer, and producer, his quest for perfection is very evident in all of his artistic output to date. Recording the Soundcloud sample track with fellow family member, pianist, and vocalist, Deni Hlavinka ('Just One Day'), and later with amazing harpist and vocalist Tara Minton ('Last Summer'), his production is flawless; infused with rich and characterful piano parts, the mix on the female vocal - which admittedly with Deni and Tara is already first rate - is close to perfect, with soaring harmonies over a strong lyric and melody. RJ is currently writing a book, his first; undoubtedly, as he supports the family by tirelessly commenting on each new artist, he's pacing his study in London thinking up that next great piano composition to produce, and the next artist to collaborate with. You can hear RJ's work with Tara and with Deni, on his profile page, at:

Tara Minton is a brilliant vocalist and harpist, regularly performing in and around London. My first reaction to Tara was a stunned smile; not often have I heard contemporary music fitting a vocal and a harp together so effortlessly. I personally love her work with RJ - it does her voice the most justice in the mix - but it's a close second for her live material. 'Cloud Fields' is a beautifully written ballad, with a romantic and intimate lyric and theme. So to another unique trait of Tara's; she doesn't shy away from a risqué lyric, as evidenced in her tracks 'Play with Me' and 'Chocolate and Sex'. Its a delightful mix, the angelic innocence of the harp, and the suggestiveness of the vocal. Recently returned from a visit to her roots in Melbourne, Tara's Monday this week was spent filming in Greenwich. We look forward to much more to come from Tara; you can catch her at:

As always , we thank you for your support of our family. The larger we grow, the more excellent indie music we can bring to you. We all appreciate your comments, and we all read them personally. So please do take some time each week to check out the site. Chances are, at the current rate, that we'll have 3 new musicians for you every time you visit, and a new blog review to go with it. Together, musicians and music lovers, we are Global Musicians Fish Pond. And we love it.



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RJ Chevalier - Last Summer ft. Tara Minton

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