Plucked From The Fish Pond 3

Our ever-growing Fish Pond family has been fortunate to welcome another four indie musicians this week, a very diverse group both globally and musically; Harpist, vocalist, and songwriter Tara Minton, from Melbourne and now resident in London; multi-instrumentalist and music teacher Vladdy B, from Russia and now resident in Melbourne; Solomon Akinlua, worship singer and songwriter from Lagos; and Marny Lion Proudfit, grass roots musician, singer, composer, and creative writer from Ogden, Utah. We love your opinions as always, as do all of our family.

Our first featured musician this week is dear to the heart of our family, as one of our earliest joining members. Deni Hlavinka has just completed her freshman year at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She's been writing and performing for years, switching easily between her classical training and her preferred contemporary style. One of the best young voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing live, her lyrical content flows beautifully with her melodies; everything about Deni points to a very bright future, and we look forward to following her every step of the way. We particularly recommend her latest track, 'the Dove and the Boulder'. Take a listen to this and much more on her profile page.

Chris West is now enjoying summer in his home in Bermuda. Also just finishing his freshman year at Berklee, he's a recently joining family member. Chris first came to my attention on a beautiful YouTube clip (featured) with Deni taking piano and melody vocal, drummer and producer Joe Barnard, and himself on guitar and vocal, covering 'Poison and Wine' by the great Civil Wars. The performance is a brilliant display of Chris's musicianship, an amazing vocal which proves itself out in his original songs featured on his profile page. Especially listen out for 'Taller Trees'.

We wish all of our high school and college family members the very best for a creative summer. Chris and Deni will be writing a lot together, and we look forward to some amazing results by summer's end. Please join me in welcoming the Fish Pond's first staff journalist, Marny Lion Proudfit - you'll be seeing much more of her input in the coming months as she brings a fresh and talented outlook to our community. Next week we will be featuring the UK's own RJ Chevalier and Tara Minton, look out for these and many more musicians on our family website.



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Poison & Wine - Chris West, Deni Hlavinka, and Joe Barnard

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