Plucked From The Fish Pond 20

Today I find myself joyful. Happy to be living, breathing, and blessed with another day to create this beautiful music we all so love and enjoy. As a musician myself I know and empathize with the passion the 'fishes' in the Pond feel. It is truly a way for one to let themselves take flight. And when a moment comes; like hearing someone sing your song along with you for the first time, or performing your music after many long and tiring hours of practice and all becomes worth it. Do you know that feeling when nothing needs to change, because everything is absolutely perfect the way it is? My point with all this is (yes I have a point) is that it's not about how you express yourself through music; what style, genre, instrument etc. it's about the action of expressing; and everyone has that right. I'm just lucky enough to get to write about it in FATEA magazine.

Which leads me to the first featured artists of this week; Patrick Ytting. I took a little peek at our 'Classical' list of musicians on the Fish Pond website while looking for the right musicians to highlight in this week's issue...and I was so happy to have found this talented man. Without expressing any words, he tells an entire story through the notes of a piano. Guiding you along into a serene painting of a dream, he's created another world of mystery and wonder through his musical composition. Based in the UK, Patrick is an accomplished composer, producer, and pianist. His many years of practiced skill shines through in his music, yet he still continues to grow, learn, and enjoy a wide range of musical styles. In the few songs I listened to of his; I felt I could lose myself in the comfort of his vocal-less beauty...perhaps you will feel the same.

You can hear more from Patrick and listen to his music on his Fish Pond profile at;

The first time I heard Ole Martin's song 'Smiling Dawn' I cried; it's just that beautiful. I was blown away by the simplicity of what he's telling, yet the musical complexity in which he tells it. This is again another instrumental piece; though Ole creates all kinds of music, from classical piano to electronica, pop, and alternative rock. Born in Sogndal, Norway, Ole played in a band; 'The Sex Vikings' in the start of his musical career, until the band member's relocation made it difficult to stay together. Taking it upon himself to continue to study and expand his musical vocabulary; Ole's been studying, and playing any and all genre's of music, so that he can find the best way to express himself completely and entirely through his music. So far he says it's been when he sits himself in front of the piano...and frankly I couldn't agree more! With a catalog of over thirty original songs, while just beginning to sing and add vocals to his music; Ole is nothing shy of a dedicated artist. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for him.

You can hear more from Ole and listen to his music on his Fish Pond profile at;

Pranam Bai


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Patrick Ytting - Piano Nocturne

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