Plucked From The Fish Pond 2

The Global Musicians Fish Pond continues to grow, and we're very glad to welcome Pennsylvania's Derek Krommelbein's new band, Big Tunnel, as well as Mia Marchese from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Fatea's own The Katie Winter from the UK. This week we bring you two more indie artists from our global family, and hope you'll take the time to enjoy their music on the site.

No Thoughts No Gravity is the brainchild of a truly global pair - from Poland, Justyna Salamon, and Brit Phil Hudson. These guys represent how small the music world truly is, in six degrees of separation - I studied at Southampton U. with Phil Hudson in 1993; Justyna is in No Thoughts No Gravity with Phil, and is friends with Australian-born harpist and vocalist Tara Minton; Tara recorded with producer and pianist extraordinaire R.J. Chevalier; R.J. recorded the Soundcloud sample song with Deni Hlavinka; and Deni Hlavinka (featured next week) is a friend of mine from here on the East Coast USA, and founding member of the Fish Pond. No Thoughts No Gravity represents a really solid sound, with 'Fast Finger' Phil providing some amazing leads - the kind that even Phil worried initially would be too much "shred" - and acoustic guitar - and Justyna bringing a smoothunique and lovely vocal to the mix. They say it best: "the cash was never really the motive. Who needs cash when you can make music with your friends?". Long may it last. For a great example, check out "Don't Say Hello" (track 6) on their profile page:

Steven Manuel joined us earlier this year from Toronto. A very good songwriter with many years of experience in the business, he has a heart for family, and is a real proponent of the lifetime journey that music can take you on, if you let it. "Get On" is lyrically very much on message for the life journey idea, and is a great combination of instrumentation, from piano, to light percussion with a bit of a techno feel - then the voice comes in; and it's such an unexpectedly mature, feeling vocal over the top of the song, it really makes it unique - "there's nothing like feeling like growing old". Steven does a great job with the arrangement, and has managed to find a niche which will stand the test of time. As Steven says: "if you are interested…follow me on this journey…I would love to have you with me…all the way". Be sure to check out his music on his profile page:

No Thoughts No Gravity, Steven Manuel, and all of the above named artists - Tara Minton, R.J. Chevalier, Deni Hlavinka - are members of our family, and we would like nothing more than for you to check them out and rate them - all comments are read and well received. In the meantime, if you're a musician wishing to join the family, or a music lover who wants to stay up with our rapidly growing music collection, just register - we'd be very glad to welcome you.



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No Thoughts No Gravity - Don't Say Hello

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