Plucked From The Fish Pond 19

I'm happy to be bringing you yet another set of amazingly talented musicians this week. We've had a great start to the beginning of our third year swimming in the musical sea together. With new adds to the family, great reviews; among them being the extremely well written review by our founder David Smith, for Margo Rey's new album 'Habit'. We are so grateful Margo has joined our family, and have had some direct personal expression from her in gratitude for the lovely review and support. It's just a little smile from our family to yours, I hope you can feel it's warmth, and share in this exciting journey with us. As we grow, and bring light and love to the many "undiscovered talents" just waiting to share their hearts with the world, I know you will grow in your understanding of this overwhelming passion. One World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat.

So this week we have the exciting talent of Anni Kannika. Born and raised among the countrysides in south Sweden, she has dabbled in the many shades of musical creation. From production in the beginning of her career, to finding her true passion of singing. And aren't we glad she did?! She took a chance when she decided to follow her dreams; leading her to LA, where she moved to Hollywood and began studying at Musicians Institute in 2011. She's currently working on the recording of her EP "Blue", with inspirations from her many life experiences, natural surroundings, her childhood, and the trials and triumphs of love. Her voice has a tender rasp to it, with steady underlying emotion; like a story's being told in addition to the song she's singing. It's beautiful to hear a musician that has totally and completely found themselves in their music; as you can with Anni. We at the Fish Pond look forward to the release of "Blue"!

You can hear more from Anni on her Fish Pond profile here;

I heard the voice of Cyra Morgan not long after joining the Fish Pond; and I fell in love. She's so graceful in the way she sings. Every word has a purpose and is a promise that THIS song you will remember. There's so many musicians and singers that I could say I love, or relate to, but Cyra has a way of capturing my heart and I can't hep but loose myself in the journey her songs take me on. A favorite line of mine that she says about herself is; "I've decided to ditch the worries about weather or not I'm going to "make it" and just create from secret places within my soul, just create..... and adore every minute of it. For now, that's my mission" It's just so refreshing to see someone just give everything they are to what they love, and trust that the rest will fall into place. With her mission in place, her voice pure and radiant, her message strong and true, I pray that one day everyone will know the name of the beautiful Cyra Morgan. Singing since before she can remember, this is most certainly the work of music leading the soul of the musician. I'm excited for the future of her journey.

You can hear more from Cyra on her Fish Pond profile here;

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Cyra Morgan - Closer

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