Plucked From The Fish Pond 18

What a joy it is to share with you yet another two of our wonderfully talented musicians this week. It's always such a pleasure to welcome new musicians to the family, and begin to play a small part in their growing musical journey. This is the mark of the Fish Pond's 2nd birthday, and I hope you will join me in the excitement that is building with the strong family we have established in the past two years. One World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat.

On that note, I bring you two of our very recent adds to the family, both showing a level of creativity I am more than impressed with.

Kevin Erskine, goes beyond the simple standard or songwriting, to just creating. Releasing his new EP; 'Ashford' completely of his own musical production and producing, you will not understand the depth in this lyrical writing or musical ability until you hear it for yourself. Currently residing in Boston, MA, but originally from San Diego, Kev brings a little bit of home, and all he has lived into his album. Having titled it after the street his family's house is on, and recording it in those very surrounding walls, you know it's something very close to his heart. His effort is extraordinary, and his music is something very a good way. It's signature "Kev" and once you hear him; you won't forget him.

You can hear more from Kevin on his Fish Pond profile;

The Om Project is a husband and wife duet from Annapolis MD. Playing together for only a few short years, it's remarkable to see how they've created a style all their own. Releasing their debut album a few short weeks ago; 'Standing Victorious In An Ocean Of Freedom', they've marked a milestone in their musical career, and their life together. Omar Richter, (male lead of the duo) has a wide range of songwriting experience and enthusiastic energy, while Meg's soulful tone and free-flowing spirit combine together to create a beautiful female-male vocal. It's a musical love that shines through in every song. They've produced an album that shows the very heart of what they are; family. And like Kev, you know this album is very near and dear to their hearts; naming it after their three sons, Freedom, Elan Victorious and Ocean Ray.

You can hear more from The Om Project on their Fish Pond profile;

Pranam Bai


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The Om Project - Envison

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