Plucked From The Fish Pond 17

Hello from the Fish Pond. It's great to be sharing our continued growth and exciting journey with you. With so many musicians, 206 at date, I'm always getting a chance to hear new music, and continuously surprised, not only by how breathtaking our wealth of musicians are, but also by the depth and creativity in which they write. Have you ever stopped and noticed that there are thousands of musicians, thousands of songwriters, thousands of songs, and the same few guitar and piano chords; yet there's an endless wealth of creativity invested in this crazy thing our heart compels us to do? It's truly a remarkable thing. So I take it upon myself to be in a constant place of discovery; discovering new artists among the Fish Pond family, discovering new songs, lyrics and melodies, and best of all ...discovering LIFE.

I'm happy to introduce to you one of my discoveries among the Fish Pond this week; Ricky England. A talented guitarist and singer out of Hollywood, CA In a world filled with 'copycats' Ricky sets himself aside with his undeniable talent and beautiful songwriting style. His voice has a unique tone, and it makes him special. The creates the tale of a love that one can never have, a dark cloud in your happiness, alive, but never complete in his song 'Fly Away'. Though a commonly used topic, never exhausted, and always welcome for talent, such as Rickys, to shape in to a heartfelt lyric. Ricky is actively perfecting his already-apparent skills while he hurries himself around the city with his acoustic guitar, performing his well written songs, with as much passion as 'Fly Along'; quickly casting him into the ranks of notable artists.

You can read more on Ricky, and listen to his music on his profile;

Following Ricky out of the Fish Pond's 'Acoustic' section; the beautiful Sara Broman. Sara is another one with a unique voice, she sings with such a heartfelt undertone of despair. There is a pleading in her voice, for someone to understand, to empathize, to feel the kind of passion in your life that she pours into her music. Growing up in Stockholm Sweden, then spending ten years exploring multiple countries around the world; Sara has really taken the time to discover herself, both musically and personally. Though she has had many accomplishments thus far, some of her noted musical success was In july 2010 when she was the opening act at the biggest alternative festival in northern Europe, performing in front of thousands of people. And In november of 2011, Sara was selected to be part of the "Artists for Peace"-choir, sharing the stage with music icons Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan. Sara graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in march 2012, and is currently working hard on her upcoming EP.

You can read more on Sara, and listen to her music on her profile;

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Ricky England - To Be Bold

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