Plucked From The Fish Pond 16

Welcome back to the Fish Pond. With so many new artists joining as of late, our excitement has flown through the rooftops. It still amazes me of the wide range of genres and musical styles we have, but then again, that is what we're all about; bringing musicians together from all walks of life. I'd like to take a little time in our singer-songwriter selection today. We have so many talented musicians, but nothing quite touches you heart like a simple piano/lyrical track, or an acoustic guitar/lullaby vocals.

From this we bring you Paige Chaplin- A young and beautiful talent from New Jersey. Paige is the perfect example of clean and sweet. With her tender vocals and soothing sound, it is easy to get memorized and just listen to her for hours and hours. With a sound similar to Ingrid Michaelson, and influences from other folk/indie singer/songwriters like Laura Marling, Bon Iver, and Lucy Rose, she brings a very tasteful creative flair. She says her musical upbringing was a journey, but one she is most proud of, and so is the Fish Pond. A true light to watch grow, she has a song in her heart, and she's ready to share it. As if her beautiful voice isn't enough to win you over, she is the sweetest soul and a joy to have in the family. More than worth taking the time to listen, because when you do you'll become an instant fan.

You can read more on Paige and hear some of her music at:

I love to wander around on the Fish Pond website and listen to whatever musician I happen to stumble upon. One of these was Audrey Michaels. Born and raised among the corn stalks and hay bales of north central Indiana, Audrey has always loved and lived in a world of creative desire. After studying at Berklee college of music in Boston, Audrey is finding her own voice and freeing the song within her. A very unique style, with many electronic sounds and effects, yet a lullaby-like feel, she is a one and only to our family. Among many musically talented influences, what she really gets her creative juices from is what surrounds her; nature, loved ones, and life. A true inspiration, an undiscovered talent, we look forward to the album she has in the works.

You can take a listen to her music at:

Pranam Bai


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Paige Chaplin - Ready

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