Plucked From The Fish Pond 15

It's been an interesting month for the Fish Pond. As many of our college and high school bands head back for another year hard at work, we've had some very diverse recruits to our family; we've welcomed the fantastic rocking Andy Babb , another joiner from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood; Erika, a singer with roots in the UK and Saudi, and who I met singing in Bangkok, Thailand; Dadadef, a multi-instrumentalist, 16 years of age, and our second artist from Thonons-les-Bains in France; Mighty Bones, a great pop-punk band out of Switzerland; and lastly Holly McGarry, a fabulous freshman musician from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Holly is featured this week, along with Southampton classical musician, Patrick Ytting.

Patrick was a super find for our family. A resident of my old college town in Southampton, we met through a mutual family member, RJ Chevalier. With a superb and delicate touch for the classical mixed with electronic production, his music tastes are hugely diverse; with a classical interest from a very young age (earliest memories being Mozart's symphonies 40 and 41), his initial interest was in film scoring. A child actor in Denmark where he was born and raised, he followed his studies to the UK and his current home of Southampton, winning awards for his final year documentary. Patrick sums up the idea of the global family, with performances as a Master of Arts on piano in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. Patrick has a huge talent for the piano, for composition, and a heart for collaboration and teaching. You can find some fabulous examples of his work on his profile page at:

Holly McGarry joins us from northern Idaho, and more recently from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, following such greats (among many others) as Deni Hlavinka, Marny Lion Proudfit, Audrey Michaels, Collin Pastore, and Chris West. At 19, and a freshman this year, Holly's music is simple and sweet; using the guitar beautifully to complement her vocal, her introduction to the Fish Pond, 'Small Town Kids', has her singing the melody and the harmony. It's not overdone, it's just remarkable. Comparable to Nina Simone, even folky and wordy as Dylan at times, she's got the balance just right. With a confidence and a world-weariness which is amazing for her few years on earth, Holly has an impressive touring schedule, and we're all very excited to see what she'll be bringing to the family over the coming years. Have a listen and let us know what you think:

We have some very exciting developments coming soon, with new artists about to join from Canada, the UK, and Thailand, so keep your eye on our family, the cutting edge of young and great quality indie music. Your opinion, your spreading the word, and your feedback, counts for everything; without you, we would not be able to grow as a family. So stay in touch, tell us what you think, and tell your friends - that the Fish Pond is here to stay, and is a great music family to be a part of.

To one and all, wherever in the world you are; a very happy and musical October.



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Holly McGarry - Deep Blue Eyes

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