Plucked From The Fish Pond 14

It's great to sit back, as I look over the Virginia skies at the start of a 33 hour journey to Bangkok, how life has changed over the last 18 months in terms of music. We started that fine April of 2011 with just 6 bands, and now we're hitting nearly 150 in 21 countries. The Fish Pond has become a great cultural place to be just to get to know serious artists all over the world. Two things bind us all together; music, and family. Over the last month, we've welcomed the return of Stevens City, Virginia based My Lucky Fish, with punk number 'Bother Me', Steven Manuel from Toronto, with 'My Saving Grace', the fabulous Russian born French prodigy, 16 year old Ludmila Dauvergne, with a cover of 'Look After Me'; and Myles McLeod out of London, with a myriad of songs. Check them all out at their profile pages. This week, we profile Norway and Sweden, with some excellent new joiners to our family. We warmly welcome Ola Weel Skram, and Fredrika.

My story of finding Ola Weel Skram is a typically fated one. Listening to our new affiliate radio station, Newssic Radio Group, I heard an old Counting Crows number which I hadn't heard in years, "Raining in Baltimore". So it was that I did my usual and found an acoustic cover of the song, and there he was; Ola, singing to a high school crowd in Norway, with one of the best on-pitch male pop voices I have heard. Setting out to find him, 4 years on, Ola Weel Skram turns out to be a great bloke. With band 'House of Clowns', his newest song, 'Ride' (to be reviewed on our site shortly by Marny Lion Proudfit) is poppy, yet rocky and punchy enough to really suit the vocal. It's electronic, but only to the point of supporting his still pitch-perfect vocal. Ola still sings and plays out of Sogndal, Norway, and has plenty of covers all over YouTube, as well as songs in the works with his band. He's a true quality add to the site, and he'd appreciate your comments. You can also find the original clip of 'Raining in Baltimore' - admittedly 4 years old, but you get the idea - attached to this page. You can find more about Ola at the following link:

Fredrika joins us from Sweden after many years in LA. Finding her through a multitude of SoundCloud links, amidst so much mediocre Electronic music, there was a shining light - and she was called Fredrika. She's producing some high quality sounds, well mixed, well executed, and with all the signs of a great artist. From her profile picture to her description of her music, she's all creative artist, and she's certainly in the right business. Describing herself as 'up and coming', she'll do really well and soon, with the right mix of work ethic a good ear for the beats, and a great eye for catchy photography to complement her production. After making me chase for all of those months, we finally welcomed her to the family in August 2012, and we'd love your comments on her track, 'I thought you Loved Me'. Don't miss it, at:

The family continues to grow, and I fully expect that the next month in Thailand and England will bring some exciting new family members. As always, we are very grateful for your support and listening, and hope you will continue to listen to our Fish Pond family and keep the power in indie music.

Have a hopping September, and we'll see you again soon!



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Ola Weel Skram - Raining In Baltimore

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