Plucked From The Fish Pond 13

After a fabulous summer off for the last four weeks, the Fish Pond returns at full strength, with some great additions over the last month to enjoy on the site. We hit the magic number of 140 artists, with joiners Chatham Street and their great folk rock sound from just half a mile from my place in Northern Virginia, the amazing sounds of Brother Lou and Marcy Geller, who also join us from the East Coast, the great sound of the Window Panes, Stephen Caulfield from my home town of Reading, UK, and Joey Leoni from California with a superb ambient mix. It's been an eclectic summer, and today we feature our youngest joiner to date, who released her new single this week, Korie Anne.

Korie Anne is a 14 year old singer from Southern California. In truth, she's been a great find, as she sums up everything that the Fish Pond family has been built around. A very positive artist, she's spent sensible time building up some following on YouTube with her manager, and has finally got to the point of releasing her first single. "Closer to You" is a great effort, a well-written melody with solid instrumentals, clearly written to articulate the melody. It's one of those catchy numbers which leads you right into the chorus, and will go down well live anytime it's played. It's an exciting time, as Korie Anne will also be airing on our affiliate radio station, and joining our 7 other artists who are now enjoying air time. At 14, she has a great start, and so many years to develop her craft, her contacts, and clearly has the support system to do it. We are proud to add to that, as a family of musicians which enjoys the success of all of our members. Enjoy Korie Anne's first single, and look out for much more in the near future, at her profile page:

Amanda Gunnels, also known as the Gun Show, is the writing and performing talent behind My Dear Wendy. As another of our Hollywood Musicians Institute artists, she's acclaimed by all of her peers as a great person. Performing initially as a solo artist in Atlanta, she moved at the age of 19 to L.A. to pursue a career as a solo artist. "The Waltz" is a great number, mixing 3:4 and 4:4 times perfectly, and delighting radio listeners. Carried by beautiful songwriting and a superb harmony vocal, it's one of those songs that you want to listen to again and again. Currently working in LA, she likens herself to a "sound comparable to The Cranberries crossed with Sara Bareilles". And she's right. The Gun Show will be here for a long time to come. Let her know what you think, at her profile page:

And so the very best from our little family of musicians. It's going to be an exciting end of 2012, as we partner with Newssic Radio Group in Colombia, and we wish Lucky Diane Coppini all the luck in the world with her new venture. She's a true promoter of indie music, with a heart for developing young musicians, and we're proud to be a part of this new station.

Have a great summer, and we'll see you soon!



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Scars - Amanda Gunnels

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