Plucked From The Fish Pond 12

It's been another great week in the world of independent music that is the Global Musicians Fish Pond, our little collective established in 2011 and now representing 20 countries around the world. We've got some great new music from existing family members; Shaun Atkins, from Pennsylvania, formerly of band American Radio, giving us 4 songs from his latest EP, a really good, really dark and feeling effort; a fabulous collaboration courtesy of the family, between Christina Giacona of Good King Friday, prog rock band from California, and Phat Salmon, beat master from Scotland; Jonina Aradottir from Iceland with wedding gift classic song "You and Me"; and last but not least, our first featured artist, Audrey Michaels, from Logansport, Indiana.

Audrey joins us as one of our growing family from Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA. Having completed her freshman year, Audrey's early work was high quality, but somewhat difficult to make out the vocal. Adapting as she was to recording by herself, this summer has produced a completely new artist, a coming of age of a fine young singer with a unique style, who is more confident in her work. 'Come and Go' is a quirky effort, punctuated by vocal melody and harmony that could only be our Audrey. Keeping to a simple rhythm and tune, it relies heavily on the voice, and it's a delight because of it; never becoming tiresome, more than any other work she's produced, it makes me wonder what this surprise young prospect will produce next. With plans to record more this summer, and find a band to back that voice, you can be sure of more strong efforts from Audrey in the very near future. Check out her profile, and compare 'Come and Go' to her prior work. Let us know what you think:

Myles McLeod is a classic find. A young musician who grew up in France, he recently relocated to the University of Westminster to study music. Growing up around so many styles of music, Myles heard of the Fish Pond through a mutual professional contact of mine; with nothing really recorded up to that time, I first heard Myles on a YouTube clip which you'll find on this page, performing a simple and inauspicious cover of 'Timshel' by Mumford & Sons. It's spectacular; clearly an amazing young male voice, rangy, and with so much potential, it's almost scary. In more recent work, often harmonizing with himself in self made recordings, Myles is well on the way to doing something really special. For now, his recordings are rare, simply because he rarely gets to it; but much more to come from this new talent on the scene. Check him out and comment at:

As usual, we thank you for listening to our indie artists. All of your support and comments are welcome, and look out in the near future for much more review work from our two great young staff writers, Marny Lion Proudfit of Ogden, Utah, and Anna Yanova, of Holywood, California.

In the meantime, have an Audrey and Miles week.



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Timshel - Myles McLeod

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