Plucked From The Fish Pond 11

Here we are, in the balmy July days that so often grace the East Coast USA, and meanwhile the rainiest July in memory in my old home country. Never mind, we'll bring you a little sunshine, care of two really super Latin American pop-rock bands who are reviewed today. In addition, we are very excited to welcome in the very near future; Patrick Ytting, pianist and superb composer from Southampton, UK, Segigo and Mercy Oseghale from Lagos, Nigeria, and our own local talent LaMarcus Thomas, from West Virginia, USA. Additionally we are very excited to welcome our second staff journalist, singer and composer from Bulgaria and graduate of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Anna Yanova. Great times for the family. First, though, to our spotlights for this week - Los Marty, and Crudamata out of Mexico.

Los Marty, and front man Guillermo (aka Memo) Diaz are a superb band, all lightness of purpose, bouncy pop rock beat, and surf pop rock music out of the heart of Mexico. Consisting of members Oz (guitar, bass and vocals), Bogard (bass, guitar and vocals), Roy (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Billy (drums and sequences). In 2008 Los Marty released their first LP album entitled "The Story of a Cowboy", and quickly and deservedly became a festival-playing band as a result. Listening to their songs, you can easily hear why. 'Miente' (Lies), my favorite, is classic pop rock, fun to listen to, not taking itself too seriously, and showing off the excellent surfing-style musicianship and songwriting of all of the members of Los Marty. The video (featured) gives even more insight into the sense of humor of these four guys. A great band with a very strong catalog already, the Fisb Pond highly recommends a listen to all of their material on their profile page:

Our second featured band this week, under the leadership of drummer Mike Mata, is Crudamata. All serious looks and rocking beats powered by Mike's solid skins playing, they are serious contenders, having played to crowds of 6,000 - 8,000 in their homeland of Mexico. With a more serious vibe than Los Marty, they are 12 years into a career now, and produce light punk rock, with moody videos that are reminiscent of some of the great "live" video making and story telling of the late 1980's and early 1990's. A favorite of mine is "Inalcanzable" (Unreachable), great light punk vocals, nicely mixed guitar and bass, and a very genuine quality song. Crudamata are hard workers, and it shows in their music. Check out a couple of their songs on their profile:

We invite you to comments on these and all of our bands in the Fish Pond; you, the listener, make the difference. You can see that we have a significant presence in Latin America, and some of the indie music coming out of Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina is superb. Why not let us know if there are any other styles or musicians you think we should recruit? We're eager to hear your comments and ideas and put them into practice.

In the meantime, and have a punk Latin rocking week



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Los Marty - Miente

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