Plucked From The Fish Pond 10

Welcome back to the Fish Pond. As the sultry summer continues on the East Coast USA, some exciting collaboration is promised between Hollywood Musicians Institute (thanks Anna and Bets) and the East Coast. Additionally founding member Deni Hlavinka continues her collaboration in Bermuda with fellow Berklee composer and musician Chris West. We continue to see new family members coming on board, with a fabulous neo-classical artist from Berlin, Oskar Schuster, joining us this week with a new paino-based sound for us all to enjoy. To matters at hand - this week, we pay tribute to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, introducing Bets, and Sarah Grace.

As I wander through the world of Soundcloud, I consider myself lucky to find some incredible musicians through my trails; Bets was an immediate candidate for the family when I stumbled on "Rooftop Lover" one morning heading to work. From the initial frivolous beat and beautiful lyric, as the sultry voiced Bets goes up on her roof, to watch all the birds fly by - I was captivated by her sound. The photograph told me even more - an exciting Indie musician, with an eye for visual art, performing in both New York and LA, and with such a different and unique style, you can't help but love her. Her song will make you picture the "yellow dress" she "wore for you", about how she really feels on that rooftop alone, and where her emotion will take her next. Bets sums up everything the family is about; her first comment to me after she joined was "do you ever play shows on the West Coast". Bets - not yet but I look forward to it, and it's bound to be a good one if we make it happen. Her self-titled album will be with us in July 2012. Check out Bets' track and profile on the site:

Sarah Grace caught my eyes and ears, as all of her colleagues at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, immediately referred to her as "amazing". Sarah is currently producing covers, but really fabulous ones. She has an element of sweet-yet-raucous which is so rarely done well, an edge to her voice, which makes the absolute best of the rock and soul tracks she is covering. Equally as good a live performer as she is on an audio track, she has the look to be able to take an audience along with her, empathize, and just long for more. She's working on her first original material right now, looking for "the right people to work with", and to be honest is winding up for a great entrance onto the really big stage (she's already played to 7,000 people), with that great performance style, look, and sound already behind her. You can find out more about Sarah's upbringing in the Far East and her musical credits at her profile page:

We hope you enjoy these two fabulous adds to our family, and we thank you for your continued support. As we continue to grow as a family, we'd like you to be a part of it. Take the to register as a musician or a music lover, and you'll be on our monthly mailing list which will keep you up to date with all of our news.

In the meantime, have a musically ecstatic week.



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It's A Man's World-Sarah Grace

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