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Over the coming weeks, our family of musicians at will be bringing you some really cutting edge indie artists, two at a time, who we think you should be listening out for. This week, welcome two Boston-based Berklee-educated phenoms by the name of Paige Chaplin and Jimmy Marino.

I was first introduced to Jimmy through a mutual Fish Pond family member, Collin Pastore (to be featured soon). With a mild and humble manner I've come to respect as the norm at Berklee, I'm very glad to say he accepted the offer to become a member of our family. He is all about a fabulous West coast driving acoustic sound, featuring both guitar and piano, which is entirely reflective of his Southern California roots; a superb front man for this song, his voice that absolutely rips through his debut, "Bridges". From the first time I heard how well this song was put together, and how I could relate to the a musician, I've been covering it ever since as a staple crowd pleaser. Check out "Bridges" on his profile page.

Paige Chaplin...."she's just Paige" said all her friends, and they were right. She has an indescribably lovely voice, and adapts her material equally well to piano and guitar. Paige notes that she always wants to capture the moment in recording, and you'll hear her breathe deeply before the track starts - it's a little signature piece, a coming of age, a confidence boost before diving in. In her feature, beautifully written and performed ballad "By the Moon", Paige treats us to a last squeaky door closing as she leaves the room, with a final "okay" before letting us go. May this girl never, ever, ever be over-produced, and may she always remember...."she's just Paige" - and that's more than good enough. You'll find "By the Moon" and "Fire" on her profile.

Be sure to leave both Paige and Jimmy your comments, they will be sure to read them. Both of them will be featured on our upcoming compilation album, Global Musicians Fish Pond: Volume II - The Boston Edition.



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Paige Chaplin - Broken Glass

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