Booking Acoustic Talent

If you are trying to book a performance and would like to focus on promoting or utilizing a certain genre of music, acoustic artists and singer/songwriters are generally safe bets. These artists generally produce a fairly neutral type of music that absolutely delights fans, and is at least pleasant and relaxing to audience members who may not be particular fans. However, selecting the right performer an be a very difficult process, even if you are confident that you’ve tapped the right genre of music for whatever performance or event you’re promoting. You can try a local booking agency, but with regard to the acoustic music scene, that may lead you to a few problems.

The fact is, acoustic guitar playing solo singers are extremely common. There’s nothing easy about playing the guitar, nor is writing good songs or singing them well necessarily for everybody. However, because this is one of the simplest genres of music to go about learning on your own, without having to assemble a band, there are literally thousands and thousands of people who try it, and among them there are many, many amateur performers that are quite talented. Of course, this means you’ll have a lot of options, but it also means it will be very hard to figure out which one to go with, and perhaps even harder to sift through auditions and possibilities to find the real talent.

On the other hand, if you think a bit more outside the box and go with an international talent booking agency, like, you may have more luck finding a very talented performer, and your decision making process may be a lot easier. Sure, as mentioned before there are thousands and thousands of acoustic performers all over the world, but there is certainly a reason that some of them become more successful, or even famous. An international booking agency may be able to help you locate and contact some truly talented performers that can boost not only your event, but even the general acoustic scene where you’re from.

There are actually a number of popular artists today that prefer lighter acoustic melodies, which means that you may actually have some great artists to choose from. In addition to the always-popular major names such as John Mayer and Jason Mraz, both of whom have released new albums this year, there are even a few newer names on the acoustic scene that have gotten quite big. For example, consider Ed Sheeran, whose popular single “The A Team” and accompanying first major album has catapulted him to massive popularity and a strong response. These are just a few of the bigger names out there, but can help get you thinking about the kind of talent you may want to be looking for to play your event or performance.


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